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Providence as Muse: Diving deep with Divey

Divey & The Likes, or just Divey, are a rapidly growing presence in the Providence indie rock scene. Helmed by frontman Alexander Garzone, the band has a remarkable ability to bring the sensibilities of lofi bedroom pop to the stage, creating a dreamlike atmosphere at their shows.


Recently, Divey released their newest album, Slugger. Featuring eight slices of chill, melodic pop, the album stands in stark contrast to the far heavier music that often pervades the Providence music scene. Following both the release and the subsequent album release show at Myrtle, we sat down with Garzone to talk about Slugger, the history of the project, his influences, and more.

Jack Downey (Motif): Let me know the names of anyone involved in the project and what they do.

Alexander Garzone: Most of what was recorded happened at my diveytracks home studio, but the majority of bass and drums on “Miss Virginia, “Billie,” and “Used To” were almost entirely done at Dead Pop with Nic Coolidge.  

I wrote all of the songs on the record, but on New Tattoo I collaborated with Dan Morrisson — he came up with the vocal phrasing at the end.

The live band consists of Frank Mullin on bass, Ben Wicks-Tucker on drums, Marc Jablecki on guitar, and Matt Hebert on synth and backing vocals.

See the Slugger Personnel list at the end of the interview for specific instrumentation.

JD: When did you start playing?

AG: Since I’ve been thirteen years old. 

JD: Who are your influences?

AG: That’s difficult to say because so many people, places, and things have an effect. I suppose my hometown of Providence influences me most. It’s a place of underdogs and second chances.

JD: Tell me a little about any past releases.

AG: In 2016, I self-released The Likes, my first solo effort. It was a cathartic process that came across in the songs, I think. At that point, I was starting over in a lot of ways. I recorded it with Andy Davis at SubModern Audio. I wrote, played, mixed, and mastered the parts except for the bass parts Frank flew in.

Two years later, 2018’s Beautiful Zero was an exciting chapter for me. Half of it was recorded at an Airbnb in Highland Park, Los Angeles. I finished the other half after I came back to Providence. I collaborated with Frank on some of those as well; he played bass on the title track. Ethan DeAngelis from Quitters played lead guitar on What You Do and he was nice enough to sing the second verse, thanks Ethan!

JD: What genre do you consider yourself?

AG: That’s always a tough question, a trick one even! I suppose the focus is rock & roll in a less traditional sense, for now.

JD: Who do you view as your contemporaries in the music scene here?

AG: Ah, that’s a hard one. I’ll say Dazy Park, Rafay Rashid and Nova One get props.

JD: Where can people find you?

AG: At diveymusic.com and divey.bandcamp.com.

JD: Is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers?

AG: Check out the Divey bandcamp page at divey.bandcamp.com. There’s a subscription option that is the best way to support this project. Thanks in advance!

I’m In Love/New Tattoo
Alexander Garzone - vox, gtr, drums, synth
Nic Coolidge - bass, ac gtr

Miss Virginia
Alexander Garzone - vox, gtr
Nic Coolidge - guitar
Frank Mullin - bass

Alexander Garzone - vox, gtr, lead gtr, drums, mellotron, perc
Nic Coolidge - bass, ac gtr
Dan Morrison - ac gtr

Used To
Alexander Garzone - vox, gtr, piano, drums, synth
Nic Coolidge - acoustic gtr
Frank Mullin - bass

Alexander Garzone - vox, gtr, drums, piano, synth
Frank Mullin - bass
Kaitie Devlin - bkg vox

Moon River
Alexander Garzone - vox, bass, gtr

Sea of Love
Alexander Garzone - vox, gtr, bass, synth, drums