Black History Month

The Creative Capital Corner

Stanley Bois, aka Mr. Hotinri, is an extremely talented, multimedia super-producer/director. He has used his camera lens to capture the city’s biggest events and film his own independent movie. Eye asked him a few questions and it went something like this: 

Reuben Tillman III (Motif): Who is your inspiration to do what you do?

Stanley Bois: My inspiration is my late brother Nelson Damoura. Hotinri is his brainchild, and I’m honored to keep his legacy alive by continuing it.

RT: What’s your favorite achievement to date?

SB: Last year, I released my first feature film, Pray For The Bear which starred Rhode Island talents. We sold out two movie theaters: CW in Lincoln and Providence Place Mall Cinema. We were excited when it got picked up by Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, Google Play, and Youtube TV to stream on any device.

RT: When you face challenges what keeps you focused? 

SB: My son, my lady Natasha, and my family. Knowing they’re supporting me helps to keep me going. 

RT: Why do you feel like you have been successful at what you do? 

SB: I give 110% in every project. I want everyone I work for and with to leave knowing that I got the job done.

RT: How has the Beloved Community supported your vision? 

SB: The community has been a blessing. I receive a lot of support from them. The best blessing they give me is word-of-mouth referrals, and they continue to be repeat customers.

Instagram: @hotinridotcom Website:

Remi Jones has taken the media world by storm. As CEO of Remi TV, she’s combined her down-to-earth personality with a supreme level of wit, candor, and laughter. Her drive has landed her features in Forbes, Bossip, Yahoo finance, and more. Eye got a chance to catch up with the rising mogul, and it went something like this: 

Reuben Tillman III (Motif): Who has motivated you to pursue your career? 

Remi Jones: My sister-in-law motivated me to pursue my career in media. She used to say I would be great at it, and that I should start my own show. One day, I decided to give it a shot and ended up falling in love with it. 

RT: What’s your favorite red carpet experience to date?

RJ: New York Fashion Week because I saw that I needed to step my fashion game up. It opened me to new patterns, and high fashion that I never paid attention to. I remember seeing other girls on the red carpet and remember looking at my dress, thinking it was so basic.  

RT: When you face obstacles what helps you push through? 

RJ: A lot of prayer, as well as close friendships. I have a great support system who never lets me quit. I used to go through seasonal depression. One of my friends Pilar randomly sent me a therapy light. She pulled me out of a dark place and that’s what it’s all about. 

RT: Why do you feel like you have been able to create your own lane and do it so well? 

RJ: I didn’t procrastinate. If there was something I wanted to do with my brand, I started immediately. I feel like I’m 5 -10 years ahead. 

RT: How has the beloved community supported your vision? 

RJ: By showing up to my events and sharing my content. The love is overwhelming and amazing. There have also been community leaders who helped me make new local connections. I’m looking forward to my future projects and being able to uplift the RI community.  

Instagram: @remitvofficial Website:

Agonza paints the world as she sees it. The educator, artist, and highly in-demand muralist has transformed pieces of Providence architecture into vibrant, beautiful works of art. Her ability to lead and heal our city is magical. Eye spent a few moments with Agonza and it went something like this: 

Reuben Tillman III (Motif): Who or what keeps you motivated to keep evolving as an artist?

Agonza: My love for my art and being able to break the cycle of struggle and pain my family has endured. Especially being able to break that cycle with a career that was unexpected. 

RT: What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on so far? 

Agonza: The Garrahy Family Courthouse garage mural, as it was such a learning experience and the artists I worked with helped me learn the importance of hard work and breaking barriers. It was like mural boot camp but it feels amazing to look back on the progress. 

RT: When you are creating your art, is there any particular music you like to play in the background?

Agonza: La India, Ivy Queen, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Russ, Summer Walker, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Lizzo, SZA, Bad Bunny, Los Adolescentes, Mary J. Blige, and many more. Although it’s depending on the emotion behind the art piece.

RT: Why do you feel like it’s important to inspire the youth to create?

Agonza: My community has so many disadvantages, one of them being mental health. Youth need an outlet to express themselves whether with fine arts, music, dance, etc.. Youth go through so much, especially during their hormone sprout. They NEED a form of expression to cope with transitioning to young, healthy adulthood. 

RT: How has the beloved community supported your vision?

Agonza: In so many ways. Sharing my work, tagging me in opportunities, as well as expressing the need to be able to raise a certain conversation with my art. 

Instagram: @agonzaart


With over two decades in the industry, DJ Franchise has cemented himself in this region’s upper echelon of musical creatives. His ability to not only adapt with the times but also thrive in a constantly evolving music business is the mark of his genius acumen. As assistant program director of WBRU’s 101.1FM, co-owner of The Franchise Report, and host/DJ for a multitude of events, DJ Franchise is paving a way for his name to be remembered forever. Eye tapped in with the living legend and it went something like this:

Reuben Tillman III (Motif): Who in the industry inspires you?

DJ Franchise: Inspiration in the industry today Is DJ Khaled because he showed that being a DJ can be more than just playing music…

RT: What’s your favorite achievement to date?

DJF: Appearing on “BET Rap City” with Busta Rhymes. It was the first time I ever was on national TV.

RT: When things get challenging what keeps you motivated?

DJF: When things get challenging I think of a past situation that relates with the current and apply what worked then to get me through.

RT: Why do you feel like you’ve been able to stay relevant in the game?

DJF: Communicating with the younger generation. Applying what they like while still applying what the older generation likes. Kind of like, two birds, one stone.

RT: How has the Beloved Community supported your vision?

DJF: The community till this day still attends events that we have. Many of those that can’t come out still take a minute to share, comment, or even give feedback, which is useful when trying to grow in this entertainment business.

Instagram: @djfranchise1

Multifaceted singer/songwriter Ivan Brooks is making his imprint on the world. His hardworking ethics and resilient creative abilities have even led to a successful burgeoning career as a fashion designer. As the founder of Situated the Brand, he’s working hard to highlight not only his skills but those of the tribe around him. Eye took a moment to vibe with the young mogul and it went a little like this:

Reuben Tillman III (Motif): Who have you looked to for inspiration? 

Ivan Brooks: Half the things I come up with come when I’m praying. I asked God to provide the tools, which include the people that are going to be needed to execute my vision. Everything I do has to meet His purpose, which is being of service to inspire and be inspired! 

RT: What do you love doing more music or fashion? 

IB: I never knew nothing about being a fashion designer. I was actually the worst dressed in school, then grew up to be “that guy” who creates dope fashion. My happy place is creating music. My music is about love and life. We’re in that cycle every day, so my music is the anthem and melody to everything that I’m going through.

RT: When you have a million things going on how do you maintain focus to execute your overall vision? 

IB: I stay around the right people. Most of my circle work within my brand. They like family. We’re always working on becoming better at what we do. We laugh together, travel the world, and then we create together. I’m living out my dreams and passions 24/7. I’m never clocking out.

RT: Why do you feel like you have what it takes to be successful? 

IB: There’s a fire burning inside me to do great things. My passion to make an impact on others is everlasting. I have no choice but to continue this journey. My life relies on it. As the head of my family, their lives are dependent on my success as well. 

RT: How has the beloved community supported your vision? 

IB: It’s said that sometimes you have to work outside of your community for them to support you, but I truly feel like people see how genuine I am and [that I] take pride in my work ethic. Each person that supports our message allows us to be successful. One day this will be global. For now, we are taking baby steps each day, one person at a time. 

Instagram: @ivanbrooksmusic Website:

Chip Douglas is a curator, host, and entrepreneur who dedicates his time to creating spaces for creatives to create and connect. Through his various installments of art shows, musical showcases, charitable events, consultations, and merchandise he hopes to let the world know how special Divine Providence truly is. Eye sat down with the founder of Chip Douglas Enterprise and it went something like this:

Reuben Tillman III (Motif): Who inspires you to keep making your mark on the world?

Chip Douglas: Eye am inspired by my parents, Reuben Jr. and Charlene, and my children, Taliq and Reuben IV. My parents started with little but were able to provide so much. They gave me a moral compass and a strong sense of self-worth. Seeing my dad focused on helping those in need while making sure his family was provided for was essential. My children are my reason for always aspiring to be of good character. How you treat people at times trumps what you do for them. Eye want them to know that they’re worthy of happiness and joy. It’s my hope that they are able to leave the world better than it was when they arrived.

RT: What is your favorite show that you curated so far?

CD: Eye am blessed to have worked with so many creatives. We’ve been able to create amazing moments at Fete Music Hall, Culture Fest, and PVD Fest. My favorite show was my most recent installment of “When Stars Align” which is the art show/musical showcase that Eye do twice a year. What made it special was that my oldest child showcased their art for the first time. Eye was on stage hosting and almost cried tears of joy seeing them across the ballroom. That moment was truly special.

RT: When you feel frustrated, what keeps you going?

CD: Eye know that Eye was created to create moments and Eye take that seriously. Eye know that dealing with so many personalities will come with challenges, but Eye embrace them. Eye am not above having to face challenges or situations. Eye know that my Creator knows best and with that, Eye gain peace of mind through all the adversities. 

RT: Why do you feel like it is important to provide spaces for others to showcase their talent?

CD: We are all born with gifts and abilities. The moment those come to realization, it’s our duty to use them to make the world better. Some creatives have the talent but not the network. Eye have been blessed to be able to have access to various audiences. That came after years of hard work and if Eye can make another person’s path easier then Eye am doing my job. 

RT: How has the Beloved community supported your vision?

CD: Eye am a reflection of the Beloved Community in all that Eye do. Whether it be curating shows or public speaking engagements, the sole purpose is to help us all grow. Focusing on healthy forms of love as a connective theme (self-love being the most important) keeps me connected to the mission of creating the Beloved Community. Providence is truly a divine city. 

Instagram: @chip_doug