The Happy Heart Wanderer

RockHeart SnowHeart TreeHeart ChipHeartJeannie Rossetti is always watching for heart shapes to appear to her in everyday objects: a stone, a snack, even a roll of garbage bags. And when one makes its daily appearance, she snaps a pic.
“To me,” Rossetti said, “heart sightings are a gift from angels. A message from the universe showing that love is always by our side, no matter what. I share my sightings because these magical reminders of love are revealed to me every day and I want to remind you of this every day. [I want you] to see what I see and feel what I feel so that you and every being may feel it, too.” 
Follow Rossetti on Instagram @thehappyheartwanderer. Her heart photo cards are available for sale at Sleeping Beauty Aesthetics in Warren and Moss Hair Salon and Queen of Hearts in Providence, cards and prints are at Noon Design in Pawtuxet Village and canvasses are at Crazy Burger in Narragansett.