The Pandemic Pivot

Rhode Island clubs and music lovers proved during the last year that the drive to create music and gather to listen is more powerful than any virus. As warmer weather drew people outside last summer, our music writer Jake Bissaro attended a few outdoor shows at Askew, Dusk, and Nick-a-Nee’s. He said, “Though it was only a handful, I thought each establishment handled COVID-19 protocols, including masking, social distancing and cleaning, very well. The venues also worked to ensure a fairly minimal (all things considered) impact on the quality of the performances.”

Chrissy Stewart of PVDLive jumped into outdoor music last summer as well when she put on an event at Temple to Music called Dear RI. She said of the event, “That venue has always been a dream of mine and with life being so heavy, it seemed like a perfect time. I partnered with my friend Aliya Johnson, who runs La.Boheme.Noir, and our intention of that show was for it to be a love note to Providence. It was an enlightening experience with so many great musicians and artists.”

Stewart since has partnered with ISCO in PVD to bring music to their outdoor space. “I couldn’t ask for a better environment to host music during the pandemic,” she said. “They do an incredible job creating a beautiful and safe environment.”

The music series just returned to ISCO and will take place every Wednesday while weather allows.