Bigger Than a Group: Truth the Equalizer talks about music and society

Truth the Equalizer solidified his presence in the PVD music scene when he released the highly anticipated visual for his first major single “You Ain’t Heard Me.” Truth has since made several hit songs with his team, Aqua Society, such as “Little High” with Keeminthecut and JELEEL!, as well as “One of a Kind” with Keeminthecut, which the duo performed at PVDFest in 2019. Truth also has experience working in the film industry; he worked on the sets of “Nos4a2” and Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds. I recently spoke to the talented Providence native about his upcoming plans.

Hakeem Kushimo (Motif): Where did you get the name of your group Aqua Society?

Truth the Equalizer: When we created our group, we wanted it to be affiliated with Rhode Island. We initially started out as Ocean Gang, but we felt like the name was too cliche, so instead we went with Aqua Society because we want people to know that when you rock with us, you’re part of something bigger than just a music a group.


HK: What inspired you to create music?

TE: I started officially rapping my senior year in high school. One of the reasons why I decided to start rapping was because of my passion for poetry. I have been into poetry since I was in middle school. I always enjoyed learning about different poets. I wouldn’t say that my style and flows come from poets, but I would say that I enjoy reading works from Gwendolyn Brooks and Emily Dickinson, and more modern poets like Josha Bennett and Prince EA.

HK: How would you describe your music style?

TE: I feel like I’m known as a lyrical rapper. My metaphors, punchlines and references are what I’m mainly known for, but I’ve been making hit-based records that would either get people hyped up or ready to dance.

HK: What artists are you inspired by?

TE: My inspirations are Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Wale and J Cole.

HK: What’s your favorite song that you’ve released?

TE: It changes for me every day. When I’m in a good mood, I’ll play my single “23.” When I’m in a mood to vibe and party, I’ll listen to “One of a Kind” by myself and Keeminthecut, and when I’m ready to lock it in and focus, I’ll listen to a song like “A Little High” with Keeminthecut, myself and JELEEL!

HK: Who are some other local artists you work with?

TE: I mainly work with my team, which, as of right now, consists of me and Keeminthecut. I also work with DARO from Studio 302. Those two guys have helped me since I started taking music seriously. I’m also behind the scenes collaborating with artists all across the city. I have a lot of collaborations I plan on releasing when the pandemic is over.

HK: Are you working on anything else not music related?

TE: I have so many projects that I am engaged in outside of music. One of my main priorities right now is my gaming collective known as Aqua Society Gaming. We just launched our official page on Facebook, and we’re working on launching the website soon. When the pandemic ends, we will also be collaborating with a lot of local companies spreading awareness and hosting local tournaments. Aqua Society Gaming has been around for a few years, but with the whole stay-at-home initiative, we’ve been able to make a bunch happen. I also have plenty of film scripts that I’ve been working on.

HK: What is your goal as an artist?

TE: Music is a huge passion for me, but my end goal is way bigger than that. I want to be one of the lead representatives for creatives and the future. There are plenty of ways to make money as an artist, and I want other rappers, singers, producers and songwriters to realize their potential. I want to be an entertainment mogul, and I want Providence to play a major role in the creation of that.