Vintage Love Story

Anthony and Mafalda Caliri at the wedding where they met in the early 1930s.

They met at a wedding. She was draped in a red sash surrounded by creme taffeta, and the camera took note of the dark-eyed pair. By the time they began the Beguine, he had already started inviting guests to their own special day, in his mind. Being a man of few words, he started mailing her cards signed only, “Anthony.” He visited her at her parents’ house on What Cheer Avenue, but she was more interested in listening to “Pagliacci” or going Downcity to window shop at the Outlet. When she overhead in passing that Anthony sent an envelope home each week to his parents in Palermo, she knew they had the same spirit. They wed on a Monday. The date, she said, is The Day it Never Rained.