Yo, It’s Not Stoner Rock Bro: Cold rock a party!

Slightly Stoopid

On warm days you can enjoy the stoopid haze on sun-burnt beaches or rocking sweaty bodies at late night house parties. There is nothing stupid about the icky-sticky sound synergy that vibrates through everyday life, everyday people and every instrument of Slightly Stoopid. Hailing from Ocean Beach San Diego, Slightly Stooped can be heard in June at the Summer Traditions 2020 Tour featuring Pepper, Common Kings and Don Carlos. For everything you need to get closer to the sun, visit slightlystoopid.com


Have you ever run under our stars at night? As the dark gets darker the mind gets bright – you are now Earthless. Once afloat, your nervous system fearlessly flies through rhythms of a cosmic sky. From the ages – ride a gravitas momentum of rolling intensities toward sonic prayer. A three human band; Earthless rocks above the horizons, beyond atmosphere, rushing you toward a black heaven of guitar, bass and drums – Arigato roadburn. Visit earthlessofficial.com


No one likes bad vibes, yet, Bad Vibes by Shlohmo transcends big feelings from anywhere but here to an organic motion of soundscapes. Travel between an orchestra of digital drops, let yourself sink in depths of bass decibels, and rise through a meditative storm of electronic currents. Staring at a wall? Immerse your cortex into a vortex of voices. Seriously – get out – WeDidIt! Shlohmo’s The End can be your beginning, visit: shlohmo.com