Lunar Notes

Aries:  You’re contemplating deep and complex issues. Your sensitivity is enhanced and you feel the pain of others. Your empathy helps you to iron out any differences you have with others.  Do so before the 12th. After that, someone gets belligerent and argumentative. Putting it simply, there will be no way to talk to that person.

Taurus: Conversation opens the door to new opportunities, relationships and improvement in working conditions. It is not all work and no play as romantic and social possibilities pepper the landscape. You’re torn between starting and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine or indulging in your favorite sinful desserts.

Gemini: The mood for organizing and streamlining your routine does not prohibit you from enjoying amusements, romance and assorted fun and games. There’s a party atmosphere around you that attracts the playful. Friends offer unusual ideas and activities. Some relationships move into a more serious mode.

Cancer: While responsibilities can weigh you down, don’t neglect your social life or fail to participate in the fun things that you enjoy. You maintain a healthy balance between work and play. Your world is expanding, bringing new ideas and info your way. Entertaining at home appeals. Giving the place a facelift appeals as well.

Leo: The pace of life picks up and you find yourself running here, there and everywhere. A lot of this running around is fun stuff. Parties and such bring you in contact with people who liven up your life. Some relationships deepen. You’re thinking about the things, people and events that make you feel confident and safe.

Virgo: You open up to new ideas as more information heads your way. You’re busy with tasks, chores and general upkeep on the home front. Keep an eye out for opportunity and lucky breaks. Being in the right place at the right time pays off. This year, Virgo is going to prove it.

Libra: Despite all your serious thoughts and focus on budget issues, you enjoy a period of pleasant social activities. People are attracted to you and you receive so many invites that you have a tough time deciding which to accept. An exercise program that includes inner work suits you to a T. You’re ready for it.

Scorpio: You feel like making some changes. These include the way you look and the way you act.  You’re examining what is important to you and are discovering a lot of stuff you’ve been hanging onto doesn’t really matter to you anymore. Dump that junk. You’re involved in some behind-the-scenes, secret stuff. You’ll never tell.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is getting serious these days, slowing down and looking within. Nothing wrong with that. All of this helps with your plans for the future. Maintain your social life and contacts.  Through these and your assortment of friends, pleasant things emerge. Love, romance, nice parties and cold hard cash are a few possibilities.

Capricorn: Long-range thinking and plans for the future occupy you now. Think big and take in the wide world. A process is going on where you rid yourself of junk you have accumulated over the years.  This includes, people, objects and situations — anything that no longer serves you. You’re transforming, are different and have different needs and tastes now.

Aquarius: Life is heading in a new direction and you’re ready for anything — the new and different as well as the tried and true. Your mind roams far and wide as you examine all that is possible and some that doesn’t seem possible, but is. It’s cutting-edge time and you are tiptoeing along that fine point. You’ll know what you’re looking for when you find it.

Pisces: Listen to the wisdom coming from those around you. This information may come from a professional in a particular field or an older person of your acquaintance — not necessarily old in years. Folks around you have knowledge and you are open to receive that knowledge. You’re picking up information on a lot of levels. Listen with more than your ears.

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