Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: April 17 – 30, 2024

Aries: Don’t be quick on the draw with Mercury retrograde in your sign. Curb your impulsiveness and don’t jump to conclusions. Examine all information and possibilities before making any decisions. New evidence appears after April 25 when Mercury goes direct. Try to remain in the revise-and-review mode until then.

Taurus: Relationships run less than smoothly in the run up to the Full Moon. Issues become illuminated under that shining orb. Be sure you are right and have all the information before making any decisions. Calm and serious conversations need to take place. A helpful and reliable friend serves as a sounding board. Remember to breathe.

Gemini: With your ruler Mercury retrograde until month’s end, things might get a little bumpy for you. Snags and disruptions in your daily routine as well as some misinformation from a friend, unintentional misinformation. This requires patience and diligence on your part. Not to worry, it will all work out in the end.

Cancer: Connections of all sorts liven your days and help you to navigate the rocky road that April brings. News may be unsettling but remember that Mercury is retrograde. Find out what is really going on. Your circle of friends expands as you welcome in some unusual people who are very different from your older friends. You need the excitement.

Leo: Maintaining the balance between your public life and your personal life presents challenges. You’ve had a bit of luck in the professional arena and you are looked upon favorably by those in charge. You indulge in cultural activities, art, music, and the like. This is a welcome divergence from some weighty issues you may have to deal with.

Virgo: In April, you enter a busy period when you are involved in a variety of activities. You make contact with people who broaden your outlook and open you to new possibilities. As a result, some interesting conversations ensue. Your usual practical nature opens up to a more intuitive side. You begin to listen to that inner voice.

Libra: What do you want? This question has you digging deep into your psyche in order to ascertain just what it is that makes you happy. Conversations with those near and dear to you help you to clarify your feelings. You are a people person and it brings great satisfaction to you when you have these discussions with those around you.

Scorpio: A lot goes on in your life in the lead up to the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23. Work, play, relationships and disruptions in your daily routine keep you on your toes. Retrograde Mercury offers you the perfect time to review certain procedures and habits of yours. This is a good time for a little personal review. You may wish to make some adjustments.

Sagittarius: You discover new avenues of enjoyment. Friends introduce you to people, cultural events, and other pleasant passtimes. You are open to new experiences and ideas. This includes your working environment where you adapt new methods to get the job done. As usual, Sagittarius, you are always on the move and really relish change in your life.

Capricorn: Your life is a mix of dull daily routine and exciting amusements. It can be difficult to maintain a balance between work and play but with a bit of effort you manage. This is also a great time to make connections and expand your circle. The connections you make now may prove beneficial down the road.

Aquarius: That which is personal and close to home requires your attention whether you want to deal with these issues or not. Flaws have been revealed. Your common sense in all things will prevail. With Mercury retrograde be sure to check dates, times, and allow yourself plenty of time when moving around town. Old Mercury plays havoc with your commute.

Pisces: This period proves to be a time of action for you. You take the initiative on multiple fronts. The energy around you is suited to those tasks that require slow, steady progress. It is not all work and no play, there are some fun and games in store for you. You create an even balance between necessary work and also, necessary play.