Lunar Notes

Spring in the Stars

At long last spring arrives late evening on March 19. The season promises to be one of surprises and extremes. Weather events, political fallout, and freaky episodes occur suddenly and unexpectedly. The horoscope for the season places emphasis on youth, sports, creative pursuits, and speculation. Energy shifts along with our focus. Heightened awareness around the ease in which fakes and frauds proliferate through social media keeps the general public on their toes. Allies and open enemies stand out as do treaties, border disputes, and diplomatic relations.

The season opens with a Lunar Eclipse, with Moon in Libra and Sun in Aries on March 25. The Moon eclipsed in Libra speaks to relationships. Venus, ruler of Libra, has dignity or strength here. She sits with Saturn who can bring a commitment in relationships but can also expose the irksome qualities in a partner that heretofore we have tolerated. Conversations are necessary to set things straight. In the big wide world, the emphasis is actually on the immediate neighborhood. You may wish to travel to the faraway and exotic but for various reasons you stick to your immediate vicinity. Traffic jams, confusing news and events as well as some unexpected glitches on the home front keep everyone occupied.

On April 1, Mercury turns retrograde making it truly a fool’s day with communication and traffic snafus. The Solar Eclipse in Aries soon follows on April 8 putting the emphasis on the international. Leaders and heads of state take center stage. Expect some surprises from those in prominent positions. Some weather events leading up to and around this date may throw a monkey wrench into travel plans. On April 10, Mars and Saturn make a powerful connection. Traditionally, these are the two bad guys of the Zodiac and any interaction between them does not bode well. On April 20, Jupiter, the benevolent, joins forces with Uranus, the master of the surprise and unexpected. The dance between these two is a 14-year cycle. They last joined forces in 2010. With Uranus, if you can think of it, that is not it. This planet brings the bolt out of the blue. Jupiter, while bringing all good things, is also the planet of excess. So, when these two get together, it is anybody’s guess. Don’t take things that happen now lightly, at this time, like all conjunctions, it is seed planting time. Pay attention!

During the period between the Solar Eclipse on April 8 and the Full Moon on April 23, keep your rock & roll shoes on. The energy is volatile and small things can become huge issues. The Full Moon brings Scorpio into the picture with the Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio squaring off with Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto was last in Aquarius during the American and French Revolutions, two events that turned society on its head. It’s early days yet for Pluto’s sojourn through this sign but this period provides us with a taste of what is to come. Mercury is still retrograde at this Full Moon so be wary of taking things at face value. Do your homework. And while the world rocks on, keeping to a routine helps us maintain our equilibrium. Take care of what you can and recognize those things in which you have no control over. The month of April closes with a bang when Mars slams into Neptune on the 29, then slides into home in Aries on the 30. A Mars/Neptune connection can bring explosions, literally and figuratively. Neptune brings allure and illusion, smoke and mirrors on one side; on the other it can forge deep spiritual connections. Be sure you are seeing things as they actually are, not what you wish them to be. It is fortuitous that Mercury went direct on April 25, a direct Mercury is not quite the trickster that retro Mercury is. Mars is the warrior, plain and simple. At times we do need to defend ourselves but when the energy that requires that defense gets out of control things can get ugly. Mars and Neptune together is an explosive combination. Hang on to your hat!

The New Moon on May 7 brings stabilizing Taurus energy into the picture with the Sun and Moon together in that sign. New Moons are new beginnings, the time to plant seeds. Under Earth sign Taurus, planted seeds flourish, so plant your seeds accordingly. At this time, Mars and Venus are in their home signs, Aries and Taurus respectively. When planets are in their home signs they operate effectively. Mars is action, warriors, and athletes. Mars provides you with the get up and go energy you need. Venus is, of course, love, but she also rules money, the arts, culture and diplomacy. Mars is proactive while Venus attracts. Strive for a healthy balance between these two energies.

By the Full Moon on May 23 the energy has shifted. The Sun has slipped into Gemini, we lead with our intellect under airy Gemini. Venus and Jupiter riding together under the Full Moon brings the horn of plenty to the table. Be careful, they also bring over indulgence and over confidence. Use this energy well. A good time to get out and socialize and make some connections. Conversations will be interesting and open you to new people, places and ideas. Jupiter rolls into Gemini on May 25. Jupiter the publisher in the sign of the writer expands the possibilities of the literary, journalism, and the blogger.

Venus is conjunct the New Moon in Gemini on June 6. With Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini as well this ushers in a very busy period on a lot of fronts. Mercury rules Gemini and is very strong here bringing energy and power to all communications, travel, and ideas. A good time for writers or keeping a journal as ideas flow fast, one right after another. Write it down before you lose it. During this period Venus urges us to enjoy people, socializing, music, and other artistic pursuits. Spend time with your “tribe” and explore new relationships. Fresh air brings fresh insights.

Spring, as always, is when seeds begin to sprout and new life begins. This particular season the winds of change are in the air. Pay attention to trends, talk, and ideas that are floated. The energy is shifting and unpredictable. Weather, politics, finance, and personal relationships are in the shake up mode. Take a deep breath, keep your feet on the ground and stay centered.