Lunar Notes

Aries: An issue you thought you were done with returns with some heretofore unknown details, papers to sign and/or cash in/out. After the haggling is done get ready for some very busy but pleasant days. You’ll be saying what is on your mind. You’ll be surprised at what pops out. So will the folks around you.

Taurus: You’re chattering at full throttle, but don’t be surprised when you get some angry push-back.  Something involving money – taxes/insurance — comes up again. It needs a thorough going over. The 22nd brings new information to the surface that may or may not change your mind.

Gemini: The Full Moon brings contention but also a window to resolution of issues. Keep cool and exercise your communication skills. After the 22nd when your ruler, Mercury, goes direct, things start moving for you.  Your popularity increases and you get to do a lot of fun stuff. Enjoy!

Cancer: After a round of social events and friendly get-togethers, you settle in for some much-needed down time. You’re in the mood for the quiet and for meditation time, although duty calls and you may have to interrupt that peace with tasks that can’t wait. While you’re contemplating the big picture, some surprises are in store.

Leo: A creative project gets put on hold as you reassess what you want and where you want to go. Romance and fun stuff is found through socializing with friends and acquaintances. This is a good time to network and expand your existing network. You’ll be thinking about the future all the while.

Virgo: A little family issue or upset in the domestic sphere needs tending to. It may require a lawyer or some legal advice. Not to worry, right is on your side. You receive some good reviews and your reputation is enhanced. Any flies in the ointment require clear communication. Get your facts in line and speak your truth.

Libra: Plenty of activity around Libra — the serious and somber as well as the frivolous and fun. You’re interested in the different, what is foreign to you and things and events that widen your world. Keeping busy does not keep you from some quiet, looking within time. Surprising information and insight surfaces.

Scorpio: After the Full Moon you may have to put your verbal boxing gloves on. Again! As the Moon creeps toward the Last Quarter, you’re reenergized and ready for anything anyone throws at you. Somehow this has to do with assets, cash and/or budgets. Stay calm. You’ll figure it out.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarius Full Moon fires you right up; you’ll be one of the howlers for sure. In the aftermath, a loved one may have some words with you, kind or otherwise. Don’t lash out in anger. Cool it. Think about it, make and take your stand. Say what needs to be said, but put a little sugar on it.

Capricorn: Tough to say what is going on with Capricorn these days; a lot of it is beneath the surface. The Goat will reveal it when good and ready. The fallout from the Full Moon may bring some words with friends. We’re not talking a game here, this is serious stuff. A colleague or someone close acts as a peacemaker. Let them.

Aquarius: Aquarius makes plans for the future, connects with friends and gets creative with the daily routine.  A romance may blossom with an old friend or with someone very traditional. The Water Bearer is interested in light-hearted, carefree stuff these days; tradition might not cut it. A stimulating conversation lights the fire.

Pisces: The Full Moon puts you in the public eye. You get a little recognition that some folks don’t like. Others are on your team and are your biggest boosters. Some social events close to home liven your days. You have noticed lately that there always seems to be someone helpful there when you need them.

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