Lunar Notes

Aries: Big ideas emerge while going about your daily business. These ideas prompt a shift in your direction, your career path and other personal goals. A feminine influence paves the way. Could be a woman in authority or a good friend.  You’re active within your circle of friends and may find a romantic interest while hanging out with your gang.

Taurus: You dig deep beyond the superficial while you figure out what you really want, what is really important to you and what ideas and things you are ready to kick to the curb.  Some of this has got to do with the purely material, your standing in the community and on the job. There’s a huge spiritual component in the mix as well.

Gemini: Relationships — the very personal, the professional and all the in-between types — call for your attention. Multi-tasking Gemini is up for the challenge. Some of these relationships are going through a period of trials and tribulations. The good ones will survive. A love interest or someone you simply have fun with is on the horizon.

Cancer: The weight of responsibility lies heavy on you. Juggling the personal and professional requires agility and quick thinking. Some days you’re simply not up to the task because some folks wear you down. Keep your home space as a refuge. Have those serious conversations with that person who wants to control you. Speak your truth.  

Leo: At times you struggle to express yourself. You’re trying to convey the real you, not what friends, family and society expects of you. Don’t let arguments with others get you down; learn from them and use that knowledge to move along. Love appears in unlikely places — in the middle of an argument perhaps? Someone wants to get serious.

Virgo: Virgo has a lot of things going on moving from home, work, fun stuff and duty. Along the way, you encounter some helpful individuals as well as those who seem to argue at the drop of a hat. Something unexpected occurs involving money, values, and ideas and things you hold in common. Romantic possibilities appear as you go about your business.

Libra: The holiday season starts early for Libra as invites, encounters and romantic possibilities loom large. That does not mean you can shirk your everyday responsibilities. You devise ways to get it all done and have some fun.  New and unusual people enter your life. Someone arouses your passion.

Scorpio: The holiday season puts the focus on finance and budget considerations. Entertaining at home appeals despite some argumentative friends and relatives. Scorpio is philosophical about it all as the material loses ground to the spiritual. Always a deep thinker, you plunge even deeper these days. Be not afraid, keep digging.

Sagittarius: Relationships issues revolve around who you are, what you are and what is important to you. You are setting your boundaries, talking your talk and walking your walk. Arguments and disagreements with others hold a spoonful of sugar. A love interest involves someone different, unusual, foreign and/or not your usual type. Go for it.

Capricorn: Expressing your ideas makes you more talkative than usual. Your ideas emerge from a deep pool of spiritual, creative and practical knowledge you have accumulated over the years. While your spiritual side is activated, you don’t forget the practical nuts and bolts of everyday life. Expect good reviews and recognition.

Aquarius: The start of the holiday season gets pushed to the limits with Mars and Venus in your sign. Venus brings all those party invitations to your door, so many that you have to make some tough choices. Mars gives you the energy to do it all. This is a good time to join a gym or start a new exercise program before you pack on the holiday pounds.

Pisces: Life’s challenges force you into a pragmatic, practical mode. You face the reality of the situation and act accordingly. That does not mean that you leave the spiritual lessons you have learned behind. You put them to use. Something sudden and unexpected shifts your direction. Friends are important now.

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