Lunar Notes

Aries: You are up front, out front and in everyone’s eye. You’re popular these days and receive some great reviews. But there is a lot going on beneath the surface with you as you delve deep into your inner being in an effort to understand yourself better. An older and/or wiser person offers some advice. Listen.

Taurus: You feel like you’re in a rut and want to shake things up a bit. Traveling to faraway places has a strong appeal. A class or course of study in a subject that you have always been curious about sets off sparks of interest. Your mind is open to new ideas, new people and new ways of doing things. Conversation is important now.

Gemini: Communications get clearer and you are able to finish something that was started at the beginning of the month. You want to talk about serious stuff, complex issues and get into some deep psychology. Someone wants to argue no matter what the subject. Don’t let them push your buttons. Stay calm and speak your truth.

Cancer: Relationships, love affairs and co-workers involve you in all kinds of events and conversations. While most of this is all lovey-dovey and pleasant, be ready for someone who wants to put a lid on your exuberance. Your passions are aroused, for a cause or for a person. Things could get hot and heavy. Enjoy!

Leo: You get down to business clearing your desk, closet and attic of all that is non-essential to you. You are learning to express yourself and who you really are. Some of this expression involves your possessions, how you dress and how you decorate. Bounce your ideas off someone you see often. See what bounces back.

Virgo: You are into having fun and doing all the things that bring you joy. You speak from the heart and leave no one confused about where you are coming from. This period brings the romantic into your life. Accept all the invitations you can because the atmosphere around you promises new beginnings, new people and new opportunities.

Libra: You concentrate on shoring up the foundations of your life. You stick to home base while you figure out where and what it is that makes you feel secure. Conversations and new ideas keep your intellect running on high. A relationship with a quirky, unusual type is the topic of one of those conversations.

Scorpio: While you are busier than you have ever been, you are fortunate to have the stamina and energy to accomplish all your tasks and to attend all your social events. Your mind is filled with some serious new ideas. You’re motivated to make changes, moving your life along. Some things come easy, others require effort.

Sagittarius: Change is in the air and you’re ready for it. You will be giving a lot of thought to what is important to you, what you want to keep in your life and what you want to get rid of. Finances and shared resources are topics of conversation. Someone unusual makes for an interesting social event.     

Capricorn: A seismic shift is taking place. It may not be obvious at first, but as time passes you will begin to sense change. This is about you taking care of business. Pay attention to friends and acquaintances as they will bring new ideas, new people and help with your plans for the future.   You attract helpful people.

Aquarius While you may feel like playing the hermit, you are called to center stage.  This may have something to do with work or career moves.  Conversations with friends prove helpful as you begin to figure out where you want to go and who you want to be with. Truth is, some folks bore you and you are looking for intellectual stimulation.

Pisces: You’re reaching a milestone or major goal in life. Having accomplished much, you are now looking for your next adventure. Now that you have attained what you thought you wanted, you may realize you want something else. This is not a failure, this is growth and a time for a new beginning. Keep moving.

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