Lunar Notes

Aries: After the 6th, things begin to move forward for you. You make a good impression and express yourself well. News and events from afar may upset you; not to worry, things will work out in the end. You may shock those around you when you express the new ideas that have been rolling around in your head.

Taurus: Secret discussions and rendezvous bring out the best and worst in you. You’ll be taking a good look at your motives as a result of all this. Seek the advice of a knowledgeable one who enters your life. Hidden talents you were unaware of emerge. An intuitive friend offers advice. Take heed.

Gemini: Balancing the professional and the personal requires all your skills. You combine the two successfully when you engage and socialize with friends and compatible colleagues. You face a challenge from an argumentative one. Conversation is the key, but only if everyone listens.

Cancer: Life gets busy, some of this is all fun and games while other areas require some effort on your part. An older, wiser person or a connection of long standing is on hand when you need some advice. You socialize with colleagues and authority figures. Be on the lookout for someone who is controlling. Beware!

Leo: While you are concerned with the practical, your dreams awaken your spiritual nature. This spirituality is something you have to explore. Your value system is changing and money concerns, while worrying, don’t seem as important as before. Your dreams also awaken your creativity. Go, Leo, go!

Virgo: The emphasis is on love and money, the age old bugaboo that haunts us all. You will need all your skills to figure out what is going on. Someone is not clear or you are not seeing them clearly. Be careful because money is involved. Your practical nature mistrusts your intuition, but your intuition points the way.

Libra: There is a lot of conversation going on between you and your loved ones and some folks not so loved. Some aggression on your part might be needed, but firmness and diplomacy is your best bet. Romance is possible with a rather talkative type. Should secrets be revealed or kept? Too early to tell yet.

Scorpio: There’s not much routine in your daily routine what with disruptions, interruptions and sudden upsets.  The upside of all this shakeup is you’re forced to rethink, redo and reevaluate. The results are positive as you open to the new and different. You feel refreshed as you break old habits and trod new ground.

Sagittarius: You enjoy the pleasures of life. You have the energy and drive to take it all in whether it is love and romance, a favorite hobby or a longed-for vacation. You maintain a delicate balance between your public and private life. You also keep strict control of finances. Wisdom comes from within.     

Capricorn: The desire to go exploring and your over-active imagination is tempered by practical considerations. You dream big, but keep your feet on the ground. Folks from the past resurface and connect with you. Friends help to expand your outlook and join you in your explorations.

Aquarius: You open up to the people around you. As you communicate more, you innovate in ways that improve your daily routine. Opportunity lands on your doorstep; don’t miss it. Expect the sudden and unexpected. Be prepared to roll with the punches. Athletic activities with a friend or friends shake off the winter doldrums.

Pisces: Something unexpected from the financial universe prompts a budget redo. While more money coming in is great, unexpected expenses are not. Be prepared for both. You aggressively pursue your goals and come on strong in the professional arena. Old friends help you to connect with the powerful.

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