Lunar Notes

Aries: A very busy period ensues from your public to your private life. There’s a lot of conversation going on between you and any significant others on your radar screen. Some secrets are revealed. There are some who would like to assume control and are not very subtle about it. You know where you stand and are not shy about defending your position.

Taurus: While there is a lot going on behind the scenes with you in some areas, you are very up front and out in the open. The Full Moon on the 31st pulls you out of your solitude and into the social whirl. Venus in your sign at this time promises some light-hearted fun and the possibility of a romance with someone wise and wonderful.

Gemini: Plans for the future shift your goals, sending you in a new direction. A raise in salary or some money that was hard-earned heads your way. You’re ready and willing to work hard, but are up for some fun and games. Friends and colleagues open you up to new people, new places and new opportunities to do what you love best.

Cancer: Your competitive juices are aroused as you prepare to fight for your place in society, on the job or within a personal relationship. While there is a possibility of some scandal touching you, you emerge with good reviews.  Some folks are so into exerting there power that they are too difficult to deal with. Diplomacy and quick thinking saves the day.

Leo: A murky issue around money and shared resources may prompt you to seek legal advice. The problem is a lack of clarity. Get the facts straight, and then you can proceed. You are interested in developing your mind, and seek higher education whether formally or informally. It is a great escape from the tedium of daily life.

Virgo: You make connections and pursue the people and activities that bring you joy. Your dreams are deep and powerful, and they point the way. Your world is opening up to new possibilities. Beware of those who become jealous and obsessive. Shake them loose and follow your own inclinations.

Libra: Relationships from the traditional tried and true to the more unconventional create excitement and controversy in your life. Emotions run high and you will need all of your diplomatic skills to keep things on an even keel. You are attracted to one who is very exciting, but may lack stability. Lots of sizzle, but no commitment.

Scorpio: A busy and hectic pace does not leave much leisure time. Your routine is anything but, as tradition and innovation vie with one another for your attention. Although you are a stubborn one, you find yourself listening to new ideas and new modes of moving through life. It is time to move ahead into new possibilities.  

Sagittarius: What matters to you is undergoing some radical changes. Your values transform from the traditional to the more modern. You’re looking for excitement, and someone enters your life who fits that bill. You ride that roller coaster, but never forget those things that anchor you to the real world.  

Capricorn: At the St. Patrick’s Day New Moon, Mars enters Capricorn bringing you the energy you need to perform long-term and short-term tasks. Some issues from your past arise that require your attention. You will be busy for a while. Your network of friends and colleagues pulls you out of the daily routine into far flung spaces/places.

Aquarius: You bounce from quiet, low key solitude to active, social and sometimes shocking words and activities.  Your mind is on a far reaching journey as you explore the new and unknown. During this process, you jettison all unnecessary baggage. As you lighten that load, you soar even higher.

Pisces: This is the opportune time for you to make connections with the right people. Although money is not your top priority, these folks will help you to increase your income in some way. Along the way you will be reassessing your goals. Now is the time to make concrete plans for the future. Think big!

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