Lunar Notes

Aries: This is a busy period for you with lots of activity on a variety of fronts. Some of this is purely social, but you can’t escape duty and responsibility. Do what needs to be done in a timely manner so you can enjoy the fun stuff. Be ready for something romantic and frivolous to brighten up your life.

Taurus: Sudden changes have you thinking some serious thoughts about your life, what is important to you and what direction you want to head in. You take some very public action that may be at odds with your private life. You may have to play the peacemaker between siblings, neighbors and others of your acquaintance.

Gemini: You tie up some loose ends before you set on a new course. The New Moon on the 15th signals a time of change for you. This could be as simple as a new haircut or a major change that requires a lot of discussion before you make your move. That New Moon also sparks up your social life. Enjoy!

Cancer: All of the sudden, you are making some new contacts with some exciting and unusual people. Some of the more conservative in your life are none too happy about this, but you are excited about the possibilities before you. After the New Moon, money issues move to the forefront. Whatever the issue, you can handle it.

Leo: Changes in your path going forward may include an unusual occupation or one where you are able to express your unique capabilities and personality. Don’t let that argumentative person in your life divert you from your chosen path. Be sure to pay attention to the dull details of your daily life and routine.

Virgo: Friends keep you busy doing the social thing. That’s fine with you as you’re very curious about what is going on just beyond the horizon, and these friends are helping you open up that door to the new and exciting. At the same time, someone wants to get serious, taking a relationship to another level.

Libra: Someone or something throws a monkey wrench into your long-range financial plans. Although sudden and unexpected, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It will provide you with just enough pause to think and come up with a better plan. Do continue to enjoy yourself with friends and lovers. Plenty of excitement there.

Scorpio: The behavior of a significant other in your life shocks you. It is so unlike this person, that it could be a real eye opener, which could be a game changer. Money and the things you hold dear come up in conversation. Be on the lookout for a helpful female. She’ll take an interest in you and put you on a new path.

Sagittarius: A new relationship or a change in an existing relationship prods you into increased self-awareness. You ask those “Who am I?” questions. Where this leads is anyone’s guess. Think of it as an adventure. Change in how you apply and use your skills is one result of all of this. Some deep conversation occurs as well.

Capricorn: With Saturn at home in your sign, keeping the old adage “as stitch in time saves nine” in the forefront of your mind is a good idea. Complete stuff in a timely manner or it will come back and bite you. Unusual friends, lovers and acquaintances relieve the tedium and bring some joy into your life.

Aquarius: Mars in your sign brings you energy to spare; don’t waste it. You shine at work or anything that involves the public or authority figures. While you are working hard, don’t forego the pleasures of life. After the New Moon, those pleasures seem to flow freely into your life. Love may come calling. Will you answer?

Pisces: A conversation needs to take place in order for you to move ahead. Nothing major, simply a pesky little issue that needs to be laid to rest. Your days are livelier and filled with excitement, that is, if you consider the sudden and unexpected exciting. Go with the flow and don’t get hung up on keeping to a strict schedule.

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