Lunar Notes

Aries: Interaction with those around you has you feeling unsettled. You begin to ask yourself: Where do I fit in? What is my purpose? What is my job in this life? These are big questions that require seeing the big picture and taking a look beneath the surface of your personality. Be brave and dig deep; the answers are there.

Taurus: Seems you have a newfound talent for attracting strangers with whom you establish an immediate rapport. Along with this comes an increased ability to express  your thoughts, yourself and your ideals in such a way that increases your attraction. You succeed in shocking those around you with some unexpected behavior.

Gemini: A certain amount of foundational work provides you with a sense of security. You reorganize your personal space, making it both beautiful and functional. Relationships with co-workers and folks in your everyday life are pleasant, and you attract new people into your life that liven it up and pique your interest.

Cancer: My, my but we are busy these days. Busy with business and busy with pleasures. After delays, halts and restarts, you are ready to move on with your plans, both business and social. You’re able to express your ideas and plans clearly, and you attract someone unusual who offers you some fun times.

Leo: Life takes some unexpected turns as a result of some unexpected events. While there is a need to pay attention to some monetary details, the overall impression is of change and expansion. Expect some resistance. Don’t ignore the objections; listen and learn, then make your decision and move ahead.

Virgo: This is a new day for you. You are ready for change and will not get bogged down in details. You are seeing the big picture, and your ideas encompass some far reaching and extraordinary possibilities. Someone close to you becomes argumentative and is resistant to your changes. You won’t let that stop you.

Libra: You keep a low profile, spending some quality time in quiet contemplation. Some surprises with finances actually help to improve that picture. This prompts an inner peek at what really matters to you. You are shoring up your inner core self and are not quite ready when someone passionate comes calling.

Scorpio: You feel expansive and welcome new friends and contacts to your network of acquaintances. These folks are like-minded and share with you the things you are passionate about. Changes in relationships and unexpected actions on the part of others point you in a new direction. You must figure out what direction that is.

Sagittarius: A mixture of behind-the-scenes activity and out-front, in-your-face action keeps you and those you are involved with hopping. While you may want to hide, circumstances place you in the spotlight. You do your best to articulate where you stand. Someone gets aggressive, and you become assertive. Common sense prevails.

Capricorn: You have big plans for the future and you have some friends and acquaintances eager and willing to help you achieve your goals. As you go about your usual activities, excitement and some eccentric folks keep your routine lively. A relationship with someone quite different sends you in a new direction.

Aquarius: After a summer of stagnation, people and things begin to move along. You are energized and ready to act. Something or someone rocks your foundation. You soon find your sea legs and do some rocking of your own. It’s all good. Whatever you throw out or lose now, you do not need. You’re better for it.

Pisces: You feel like you’ve been in a fog. Someone close to you brings conversation and clarity. You’re able to articulate what has been going on inside you. You welcome some far-reaching friends and ideas into your circle. Continue those conversations with those around you. They are important and will help you further down the line.

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