2022 Motif Music Award Winners

This year’s Motif Music Awards were a tremendously exciting experience and we would like to thank the over 250 musicians and fans who attended, the acts who performed and everyone who helped and contributed. We’ll have more on all of that soon … Below is a list of this year’s winners by category. Congrats!


Favorite Americana Act:
Man and Wife

Favorite R&B Act:
Steve Smith & the Nakeds

Favorite Americana Live Act:
Steve Smith & the Nakeds

Favorite Country Act:
Lauren King

Favorite Open Mic:
The Parlour

Favorite Singer/Songwriter:
Lauren King

Favorite Americana Vocalist:
Tara Hansen

Favorite Bluegrass Band:
Ocean State Ramblers

Favorite Jazz Act:
Leland Baker Trio

Favorite Concert Photographer:
Eric Johnson (write in)

Favorite Blues Act:
Neal and the Vipers

Favorite Folk Act:
Allysen Callery

Favorite Street Band:
Providence Drum Troupe

Favorite Americana Festival:
Rhythm and Roots

Favorite Americana Album:
High Planes — Ghost Town


Favorite Music Video:
Big Nazo — Space Transformation Station

Favorite Rock Band:

Favorite Alt Act:
Viking Jesus

Favorite Jam Band:
Guess Method

Indie Rock:

Favorite Live Alt Act:
David Tessier’s All-Star Stars

Favorite Reggae Act:

Favorite Ska Band:
The Copacetics

Favorite Garage Band:
David Tessier’s All-Star Stars

Favorite Alt Vocalist:
Dan St Jacques

Breakthrough Act:

Favorite Alt Album:
SEXCoffee — Devilish Kiss

Favorite Tribute Band:
Dirty Deeds

Favorite Karaoke Night:
The Parlour

Favorite Alt Festival:

Favorite Sound Person:
Vinnie Bellows

Favorite Cover Band:
Wicked Rhode

Favorite Noise Band:
Loud Neighbors

Favorite Pop Punk Act:
Never Coming Home

Post Punk/ Gothic Act:
Hope Anchor

Favorite Punk Act:
The McGunks

Favorite Hardcore Act:
Bullet Proof Backpack

Favorite Metal Act:

Favorite PROG / Emo Act:
Sleep Mode

Favorite Promoter:
Rob Duguay


Favorite Hip Hop Act:
Jesse The Tree

Favorite DJ:
DJ Pauly Danger

Favorite Dance Night:
Soul Power

Favorite Electronica Act:
Artist Jackie and the Wizard