From the Minds of RIers

book2Driveable roads? Jobs that offer health insurance? Politicians you’d leave alone in your house? There are a few things Rhode Island lacks. But talented writers isn’t one of them and any reader on your shopping list would be thrilled to receive a book by a local author. Check out these new releases below, or keep an eye out for local authors we’ve reviewed at

Brine: Rhode Island’s Treasured Landscapes, by Nicole Capobianco

This book of photography offers new perspectives on classic landmarks. Capobianco says of her book: “With over 400 miles of coastline, salt permeates and sculpts the land, and everything on it. A meditation on such a landscape, with elements of preservation, transformation and even corrosion, brine is one of the pleasures and challenges of life on the coast.”


Cap Maker for the Czar, by Burt Jagolinzer

This is the true story of Jagolinzer’s grandparents’ escape to Ellis Island from revolutionary war-torn Russia, their decision to move to Rhode Island and their life thereafter. Jagolinzer says of his latest release, “This writing is a labor of love and needed to be told.”