A Game to Define A Season: The Mob Squad Take the 2014 Trophy

mobTen points! That’s all that separated the Mob from the Old Money Honeys in their Championship rubber match. In a season where the Mob dominated, the Honeys, who lost earlier in the season to the Mob, defeated their nemeses in the last bout before the Championships earlier in September. Then on October 11 at the RI Convention Center, this year’s home season trophy was put center track against the two teams.

Calls on track-cut (skating out of bounds) were very frequent this year, but not in this bout as we saw more “direction of gameplay” (blocking while at standstill or skating clockwise) and “out-of-play” (actions outside the pack or illegally separating the pack). And that intense blocking was felt into the first half with a score of 39-66, Mob leading.

For the remainder of the bout, the Mob held the Honeys at bay by roughly 30 points until a 17 vs. 12 point jam caught the Honeys up. However, the Mob held out with a 138-148 win. Top scores for the Honeys were #424 Jigsaw with 48 points and #75 Smoke N Mirrors with 33 points. The Mobs lead point ladies were #32 Shotz of Petrone with 62 and #12 Varla Gunz with 44. Some of the standout blockers that balanced good offense and defense were #F34R Scared Stiffany, #729 Roxy Elbow Ya, and #138 Skate Middleton for the Honeys and #08CT Beat-Trix LeStrangle, #3 Ruca Salt, and #1000 Baby Fighterfly for the Mob.

It’s been a truly amazing season all year round in Providence Roller Derby from the Mob, the Honeys, and the Sakonnet River Roller Rats. With bouts ending in a single point to going into overtime, all of the skaters gave some of the most exhilarating moments in the Providence’s roller derby history. After the upcoming winter break, the new travel season, featuring teams from around the country and the world, will start up around early spring (dates to be announced). Check regularly for upcoming season schedule and special public events at or follow Providence Roller Derby on Facebook!