Air and Silk: A Chapbook of Poetry

Air and Silk is a family trio of circus artists based in Providence, RI. Once a year, they bring the circus into their own backyard. 

The idea began in 2020 during the COVID pandemic lockdown. Simone Jogl and her daughters Skye and Anneken, created a story in movement as a gift for a friend who had become isolated in NYC. It was so well received that they decided to develop the idea into a gift for a much larger audience.


Their productions involve intricate aerial rigging and magical effects – the first invitational show, Rise Like A Phoenix, began at dusk and as it continued into the dark, twinkling lights on the performer’s costumes spun into their aerial dances. The most amazing part is that they do everything themselves; talent runs in the family. You might even say it soars.

Simone and her husband, Gerwald, were both competitive amateur ballroom dancers in Austria. Their daughter Anneken began aerial silks when she was nine, then added training in contortion to the mix. Two years ago, she started as a Trouper at Circus Smirkus camp in Vermont, with a dream to make it her professional career someday. This year that dream is coming true – Anneken, now 19, is in full-time circus school and she has completed her first year in the ProTrack program at New England Center for Circus Arts.

In Rise Like A Phoenix, Skye, then 14, played a mischievous barking puppy. Today, at 16, she is a Circus Smirkus Trouper and just returned from a 10-week tour.

For their newest performance, A Chapbook of Poetry, the trio has created a series of skits that promise to play with poems old and new, funny and serious. The stage scenery includes a very unusual large prop built especially for the occasion. Air and Silk has been creating impressive multi-act circus shows for four years now as Lafayette Backyard Productions and will perform for parties and site specific events. 

Weather permitting, there will be two performances this year – Thursday, August 31 at 6pm and Friday, September 1 at 5:30pm. A Chapbook of Poetry was created for friends, neighbors and invited guests. To receive your invitation, please email and visit to see pics from previous shows.