On the Cover

Alexia Reyes is the talented artist behind our cover art this month, and we talked to her about what inspired her design. “I’m not sure if there was a message in mind when creating this,” Reyes said, “but there were a lot of goals. I wanted to portray the scientist as a woman, but not have the audience think that she is a villain. She could be mixing liquids for a cure of a disease!” Whether the disease is one she unleashed on the world remains to be discovered.

Much of Reyes’ art is informed by nature. “There is something about painting plants, trees and flowers that’s just so much fun and easy to create! I feel as though artists can’t get nature wrong. If something in nature is ‘ugly’, ‘crooked’ or ‘weird’ then it’s perfect for drawing.

To see more of Reyes’ work, go to or follow her @alexiareyesart