An Experience on the Fringe

I approached last year’s FringePVD a little bit differently than usual. Normally organizing and planning what I’d like to see, last year I decided to simply head to an evening location and let the tides of fate carry me where they would.

I’m not sure it’s the best way to attack a festival – as I recall, I missed a lot of good stuff. But I also found a lot of good stuff, in a meandering amble where I basically kept asking ticket takers and fellow attendees where I should head next.

I caught a delightful reimagining of a Shakespeare classic that was one of the most fun, energetic pieces of theater I’d seen in a long time. I saw a gentleman pass through a doorway several hundred times over about half an hour – I’ve still no idea, but the rhythm was mesmerizing, I saw an extremely personal performance by a Pink Hulk take over a hotel room, experienced a NAZO takeover of Aurora, witnessed a childhood video game come to life.


In the final analysis, I had a series of remarkable experiences. Ask yourself, how many evenings can you remember in detail a year later? If you’d like that number to be higher, check out FringePVD. Who knows what might happen to you.