Art Wall at the Axe Bar

The Axe Bar at R1 Indoor Karting is looking for local artists to participate in our Art Wall, sponsored by Motif Magazine.

Two-dimensional art of all media is welcome. The artist is responsible for preparing the art work, including any desired matting, framing, etc. and a mounting line or bracket of some sort. The artist is responsible for getting the work to the Axe Bar at 100 Higginson Ave, Lincoln, RI and dropping it off during open hours (check for hours, which may vary seasonally).

While any size is welcome, work that’s larger than four feet in any direction, or smaller than 10 inches, may not be an appropriate fit.


R1 will mount the work alongside work from four other local artists. The work will hang on the wall for one month. If the work is not purchased, the artist may collect it at any time the facility is open, within a month of the date it’s taken down.

Each artist may submit up to three pieces. Depending on size, we may not be able to show all three, but we will communicate with you about specifics and will hang as many as we can.

The wall is curated, and we expect more submissions than we will be able to hang, so there is no guarantee that your submission will be chosen, and if it is we can’t always say far in advance for what month. The curators will be looking for work that fits well together as a whole, and decisions will not always reflect simply whether the curators like the work or not – it’s more complicated than that. If you are contacted about hanging your work, you may depend on us actually putting it up. But with digital submissions, please be patient.

It’s up to the artist to set prices for the work. If work is purchased, the full price of the purchase will be passed along to the artist at the end of the month.

Visitors to the axe bar will vote on their favorite pieces. R1 will purchase the winning piece of art for $500. If someone other than R1 purchased the winning artwork, R1 will award the artist the difference in price between the sale price and $500, up to a maximum $250. If the artist’s price for the work is above $500, R1 may not purchase the piece, but will award the winning artist $250.

Thank you very much for your interest! We hope you participate, and thanks for supporting local businesses and helping us support local artists!

To submit work, please send a digital copy of the work to with the subject “Art Wall,” and then fill out this accompanying form.