Letter to the Editor: School Walkout

To the Editor :

Teachers should not be armed with guns. One, teachers don’t have the experience to handle a gun. They need to have knowledge on guns before getting one. The schools have a hard enough time paying for a police officer to stay at the school. Who would pay for the gun in general and teaching the teachers on how to handle it? Never in a million years would I imagine my teacher shooting at a person. It takes a lot to shoot something or even a person.

Some teachers may not be mentally stable enough to own a gun. Like any other group of people, teachers can suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental disorders that cause them to be unsuitable to carry a weapon or could make them more likely to use the guns inappropriately.Putting weapons in schools is not going to make schools safer.


Another thing is the students gaining access to the gun. That would be a whole other story.  If a teacher didn’t properly secure his or her weapon, the students who don’t know better or don’t understand the consequences of shooting a gun could injure or kill their teacher or peers. Bringing the weapons into the school would make the weapons necessary for a school shooting more accessible for the shooter(s).

Ashla Siharaj