Lunar Notes

Lunar Notes: Donald Trump and the Great American Eclipse


All the hype and hoopla these days is about the Great American Eclipse of August 21. A Solar Eclipse, this is the first total eclipse that will be visible in its totality in the United States since 1918. And yes it is a big deal and will have an impact on the USA. But just as important is the Lunar Eclipse of August 7.  While not visible here, this eclipse’s influence will be felt.

Eclipses in general bring about change. The Solar Eclipse is a New Moon event and portends new beginnings and planting seeds for the future. A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon event and brings the element of finality. With the Moon eclipsed, the emphasis is on the hidden habits and emotions. There is some debate as to how long the effects of an eclipse will be felt. In general, events and situations develop leading up to the eclipse date and for some months after.

The August 7 Lunar Eclipse is highly significant for Donald Trump. Indeed the entire first week of August will be a doozy. It’s a power struggle for sure as he faces legal issues and bad advice. Bizarre behavior creates more controversy. His physical and mental health may become an issue. Those pesky Congressional women will still be a thorn in his side. This Eclipse accentuates the hidden, hidden enemies and behind-the-scenes activities. In Trump’s chart in particular the hidden and secret is emphasized.

The Solar Eclipse on the 21st will be equally up close and personal for Donald Trump as well as the nation. The year of the last eclipse to cut across the USA, 1918, was a year of great significance. The Great War, WWI, ended on the 11th hour, 11th day, and 11th month of 1918. The influenza epidemic dubbed the “Great Pandemic” claimed more American lives than the war did. And the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. While it was their fifth win since 1903, it would be 86 years before they won again.

An Eclipse path that tracks across our nations brings events that capture our attention. Some may not seem significant at the moment, but with the passage of time their importance emerges. The Great American Eclipse of 2017 is in the sign of Leo. An Eclipse in this sign does not bode well for leaders, the nobility and persons of quality. The nation mourns the fall of the eminent and distinguished. Earthquakes, political, physical and financial, are a distinct possibility during this Eclipse month. Don’t expect the usual suspects to appear. The New Madrid fault line along the Mississippi may prove vulnerable as could Yellowstone and the Pacific Northwest. Volcanic action may accompany the seismic activity.

The Eclipse chart itself contains a number of volatile, explosive and disruptive aspects. These aspects tie in closely to Donald Trump’s planets and planetary configurations. This eclipse sits on Donald Trump’s Mars and triggers his combative nature. Expect that combativeness to continue into September.  He will continue to strike out. His anger will be aroused and his unpredictable nature will continue the roller coaster ride that is the signature of his presidency.

At this time and throughout the month of August, he will be besieged from all sides.  He’ll be alone or feel alone and isolated. The continued confinement imposed upon him by the Office of the President will continue to chafe and irritate him. Those around him will have some real concerns about his health — physical and mental. A healthy diet and regular exercise are not on his agenda. They should be.

Women, especially women of substance, will continue to thwart his plans. He’ll tweet, offend and be unable to get a handle on how to deal with women who have power in their own right. Those he thought were allies will prove to be something quite different. Allegations and investigations will continue and the rats will begin to desert the sinking ship.

Remember: A Solar Eclipse plants the seeds of the future. August is a critical time. Pay attention to the events that occur now as their impact may not be apparent immediately. Their importance will emerge in the fullness of time.

The Solar Eclipse chart has a “wild card” and “bolt out of the blue” quality. Couple that with the wild card nature of President Trump, and it is pretty much a sure thing that events will occur that will be beyond our imagination. The planet Uranus is involved both in the sky and in Donald Trump’s natal chart. Uranus’ theme song is, “If you can think of it, that ain’t it.” Uranus comes along and shakes things up when the traditional does not work anymore. As a country, we’re ready for it.