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Anastasya Peña with additional editing by Skye Volmar and Christine Cho

Anastasya Peña (b. 1996) works to develop her knowledge and connection with the human body through the practice of painting. She practices yoga and studies mindfulness as it relates to her body for help with representing the human form in painting. Peña believes that the body holds knowledge about our inner mental, emotional and rational selves that is accessible to us if we are willing to listen. She feels that color specifically produces an emotional experience in the body that does not lend itself easily to rational expression. Words fall short and do not seem to have the capacity to hold emotional experiences the way that color does. Anastasya is deeply interested in the relationship between color and emotion, in the power that color has to shape human emotion and sensibility, and how emotions manifest in the body. For images of Anastasya’s work, please visit

Do Si Do: Artist Christine Cho explores internal conflict in her work

Christine Cho is interested in “the power of the collective (people and images) and performativity’s relation to personal and historical narratives.” There is no doubt that Christine’s work is in conversation with what it means to be visible — the two characters in “Do Si Do” confront the viewer with direct eye contact, and one […]

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