Don DiMuccio

Don DiMuccio has been a part of the local music scene for over 25 years. As a founding member and drummer for the swing-blues / roots-rock band Black & White, he's had a bird's eye view of the evolving local live club scene throughout New England. A self-professed Beatle-ologist and rock 'n' roll connoisseur, DiMuccio produced and hosted a Beatles-themed radio program in 1995 on Westerly's AM 1620 WCTD. He currently resides in Cranston, surrounded by his imaginary friends, take-out menus, and countless boxes of LPs and 45s.

CD Review: The Sugar Honey Iced Tea’s Silver Spells

Some of my earliest music listening memories consist of sitting around the RCA console stereo/color television set in the family room, blindly going through my parents’ record collection. A 5-year-old has a severely limited reference when it comes to musical tastes, so whatever I found in that milk crate instantly became my indelible starting-point. And […]

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CD Review: Mike Laureanno’s “Pushing Back Wintertime”

“Rhode Island’s Mike Laureanno is truly a multi-talented Renaissance man who wears the hats of singer, songwriter, producer, engineer and musician with equal proficiency. “ At its basic core, a well-written song should be able to transport the listener from out of the here and now, and into the songwriter’s state of conscience. Much like […]

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