Don DiMuccio

Don DiMuccio has been a part of the local music scene for over 25 years. As a founding member and drummer for the swing-blues / roots-rock band Black & White, he's had a bird's eye view of the evolving local live club scene throughout New England. A self-professed Beatle-ologist and rock 'n' roll connoisseur, DiMuccio produced and hosted a Beatles-themed radio program in 1995 on Westerly's AM 1620 WCTD. He currently resides in Cranston, surrounded by his imaginary friends, take-out menus, and countless boxes of LPs and 45s.

CD Review: Listen Above’s Self-Titled Latest

Almost from its inception into mainstream America with Elvis wiggling his hips on “The Milton Berle Show,” rock music has had an awkward and sometimes downright tumultuous relationship with Christianity. In its earliest years, Baptist preachers across the nation chastened their primarily Caucasian congregations that the very rhythms of this nascent genre would drive their […]

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CD Review: Houston Bernard Band’s Knocking Boots

Full disclosure time: I am not a country music aficionado by anyone’s definition. Don’t get me wrong, my record collection contains more than a few selections from the likes of Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons and various rockabilly acts. But hardcore Western hillbilly is a gaping hole in my musical education. That said, it doesn’t take […]

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CD Review: Matt Vanaria’s Soaring

What I’m about to say might not win me any popularity contests among the younger indie crowd, but as a rule I frown upon artists recording their commercial releases in their “home studio”(a.k.a., mom’s basement), armed only with their laptop and a midi controller keyboard. Skipping over the professional recording studio environment, with its visceral, […]

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