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Nicole LaBresh

RWU’s Peter and the Starcatcher Charms Audiences

Theater today impresses audiences with the extravagant; the more authentic and intricate, the better. To keep up with television and movies, sets and props have to be so lifelike that willingly suspending disbelief is no chore at all for the audience. In these shows, the work is done for you. Such productions are impressive spectacles, […]

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Northeast Choreographers Festival Showcases the Latest in Modern Dance

Something new is brewing in the dance world, and it’s brewing right in our neck of the woods. This fall, some of the country’s most innovative choreographers will descend upon Rhode Island for the inaugural Northeast Choreographers Festival. The festival is the brainchild of Fusionworks Dance Company in Lincoln, founded in 1987. Back then, the […]

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Avenue Q Delivers a Strong Message from Under All That Felt

It’s no secret that theater is all about pushing the envelope and being ever edgier and raunchier. Even seemingly innocent shows may be riddled with unexpected innuendo and profanity. And then there are musicals like Avenue Q, that transcend edgy and embark into deliberately offensive and profane territory. With songs like “Everyone’s a Little Bit […]

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