Stephen Beale

Channel 10’s Pro-Trump Segments Raise Concern Among Journalists

One commentator rails against ‘snowflakes’ and ‘social justice warriors,’ proposes marriage as a solution to domestic violence and laments that people can’t say ‘retarded’ anymore. Another rants against fake news. It might seem like a typical night on Fox News, but it’s actually programming that you might have seen locally on Channel 10. These “must-run” […]

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‘Mr. Providence’ Represents Home City in Boxing Matches

Vladine Biosse wanted to be ‘Bad Boy Biosse.’ It’s the kind of bad-ass nickname that most boxers seem to sport. Locally, boxers have stepped into the ring under names like ‘The Beast’ and ‘The Viking.’ World champ Vinny Paz was known as ‘The Pazmanian Devil.’ But Biosse instead became ‘Mr. Providence.’ Last summer, after boxing in […]

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Police Officers For Marijuana Legalization

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. To some, that might seem an oxymoron. To others, like former Providence police officer Beth Comery, it makes perfect sense. Those tasked with enforcing drug laws are an indispensable voice in advocating for the full legalization of marijuana. Recently, Motif spoke with Comery, a Rhode Island speaker for LEAP, about why current […]

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