Steve Donovan

Rough and Rowdy Ways: After 60 years, Bob Dylan has started to open up

It’s comforting to know that at 79 years old, Bob Dylan is pissed. A true American soldier, a wordsmith smitten with pugilism. An old, wealthy man who seems to be viscerally and cerebrally aware of the plight of people stricken with poverty and affected by boiling racial tensions; Bob Dylan is an anomaly because he […]

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Bob Dylan: Electric Again At The PPAC

Nobel laureate, 78-year-old Minnesotan Bob Dylan, graced the stage at the Providence Performing Arts Center on November 20. The theater was packed to the gills as Dylan delivered quite possibly his best performance in decades. There was no hat, no mumbling and no bullshit.  The show began with pre-recorded, instrumental Vaudevillian jaunt (the standard fare […]

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