Behind The Cover


Our cover art this issue fulfilled a lot of dreams. It was a dream of Motif to get some of Kara Andrews’ stellar body work on our cover, and it was a dream of cover model Victoria Uustal to be part of the process. The experience was a wonderful one for all involved – even for Victoria once she got over her fear of the paintbrush making her ticklish – and we’re thrilled to showcase some beautiful art on a beautiful model.
Andrews said that painting a person is more like creating a sculpture than painting on a canvas. She described the challenges of painting a 360 degree organic canvas that moves and breathes and said she has to think not only about how to create interest across an expanse of skin as she conceives of her designs, but also how to keep her model warm and comfortable. Andrews’ design was informed not only by the fresh green tendrils that pop up every spring, but also by the bright colors of pop art.  •
To view more of Andrews’ work, go to or follow her at or on Instagram @artonthespot. Andrews does face painting and balloon sculpture, and you can find her Saturdays at the farmers market at the Hope Artiste Village.