Things to do in Providence

Boat Tours Offer a New View of Providence

By: Josh Estrella


Whether you have grown up in Providence or it is your first time visiting the Ocean State, the Providence River Boat Company will give you a chance to view Rhode Island’s historic capitol from a whole new perspective. Starting at 10am the tour guides, led by Captain Tom, give riders the opportunity to traverse down the Providence River in a comfortable pontoon boat for a 45 minute tour of the city’s history.  Even if you don’t care about history all that much the ride can still be a great experience. The tour also offers private charters for groups of 2-14 people, sunset and sunrise cruises, and even rides during Waterfire.


Once you make reservations for a tour, Don Fleck and Captain Tom will be waiting to greet you at the dock outside of the Hot Club where the boat tour will begin. From there the two are very helpful and welcoming, able to answer any questions as they guide you down the river. Starting at the docks, the boat ride travels down the Providence River to Waterplace Park and then even all the way past the Hurricane Barrier at the northern end of the Providence River

IMG_8756During the tour Captain Tom describes the picturesque waterfront scenery around the river as you pass by the iconic landmarks of Providence, pointing out historical facts that many locals may not even know about. Tom was able to describe the history of all of the bridges we passed and even describe to us exactly how Providence looked throughout the many changes of the 20th century. If you were ever curious about your capitol’s history, or even just have questions about the waterfront and modern architecture around the river, this is the boat tour you need to be on.

IMG_8737The boat travels at a slow pace so that it is comfortable, relaxing and can accommodate for any occasion from birthday parties to bachelor parties and more. The tour is very versatile and can accommodate anyone whether you’re an early riser, history buff, or you just want to relax and see Providence. If you’re 21 or older you can even grab a drink from the Hot Club and get on the boat for a fun ride with friends.

The chance to view Providence from a new perspective while floating down the river combined with exceptionally friendly staff make the Providence River Boat Company a great stop for anyone looking for a way to spend their day off.