Bochek Is Sticking to Their Roots

Bochek is a PVD-based jazz-rock band that has been working its way up the scene — this year, they received the number one title from Battle of the Bands, hosted by Rhode Island College’s Student Radio, 90.7 WXIN FM. The band consists of four members: Nevin, John, Noah and Dante; past member and founder of Bochek is Zack Davey. 

Bochek’s first show was in 2012 when Davey entered the boys into the middle school talent show where they won third place. The band continued to play through high school as a cover band, and began writing and playing their own music at the end of high school. According to Dante, the name Bochek comes from a hymnal tune sung by the Buddhists. The band agrees that the name holds the idea and state of mind of “sticking to their roots.” 

Most of Bochek’s songs come from jamming out and piecing things together. The band members describe their sound as “jazz-rock with a punk attitude.” Throughout their set at live shows, the band has elements of funk, soul and groove, all mixed up with a barefoot guitar player, a drummer wearing a dress and wicked, poetic performances from the lead singer, Nevin, whose dramatically delivered vocals flow. 

Their song “Raygun” perfectly displays the jazzy rock vibe they’re going for. It starts off with a solo funky bass part, and nicely comes together with guitar and drums. The vocals join in after about 25 seconds of playing, and it all gives a dream-like feel as the vocals begin to transform into a falsetto chorus. The vocals purposefully sound faint, and gives a chill sensation before a sudden pause and drop hits. The song is one of my favorites and it holds a lot of feelings, vibes, soft yells and weird noises … good weird noises. 

“Fuck anybody that says you need to know how to do something,” said Noah. “Do whatever the fuck you want, and make what you want to make.” 

Bochek has played with many bands around the Providence scene, including Wax On, Jesse the Tree, Ava Callery, People Eating Plastic, Zoink Zulag and the Galactic Shag, and my band, grizzlies. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows.