Know Your Mom and Pop: The Bodhi Spa

bodhiJanuary is the time when most people plan to put some spark back into their lives, looking at each new year as a fresh start to a better everything. Resolutions, brand new to-do lists and updated goals are swimming around the heads of many in hopes of a newfound productivity and enlightenment. While accomplishing some of these goals will be fun, a good chunk of them will pile more stress onto an already full plate. Instead of adding stress, resolve to take more time for self-care, which usually gets pushed aside to make way for more important things.

The Bodhi Spa offers many services to help start off the self-care portion of the new year on the right foot. Being the only spa in New England that offers hydrotherapy (using water of any temperature to help cleanse the body and soul of impurities), this is a must stop for anyone looking for a unique way to pamper themselves. The Restorative Water Journey has four major cycles that is broken up with rinsing showers and a cold plunge. The heat from the cycles works to release toxins in the body while the cold plunge flushes them out; a natural way of “wringing out a cloth.” Other services include an array of massages, facials and body treatments.

Owner Harmony Oschefski always knew that she wanted to own a business and is fascinated with the human body and the benefits of complementary health. Being a traveler, she would see different treatments from all over the world, always finding herself drawn to the hot springs and baths.


“There was no better way to unwind after a long journey or even a simple day,” Oschefski said of the hydrotherapy treatments she experienced. This led to her writing a business plan for what would become The Bodhi Spa. Her plan was to provide an affordable, all-encompassing hydrotherapy day spa that empowers customers to take charge of their own health.

Finding the perfect location, a fixer-upper storefront on Thames Street in Newport, Oschefski and her sister/business partner Cedar Hwang were on their way. They gutted it and redesigned it to their specifications that were fitting to what they needed for their spa. A next step was to research the equipment that they would need. This task wasn’t taken lightly, and they studied this equipment like a science. They oversaw the rigorous process of constructing the building while continuing to work on their business plan and taking a spa quality course. They hired a talented and caring staff and opened their doors in 2015.

Oschefski feels that people should start taking a more proactive approach to their health, as the current healthcare system is reactive and unaffordable, though it is helpful when needed. This includes the typical diet and exercise, but also researching and taking preventative measures.

“I think this is a way for people to enjoy their health,” Oschefski says of The Bodhi Spa. “Many alternative practices maintain your health and keep you feeling your best before an ailment takes over. It’s empowering to feel in control of feeling your best, and when modern medicine is needed, it’s often very complementary in recovery.”

With plenty of positive feedback from customers, The Bodhi Spa has exceeded initial expectations. They strive to provide customers with exceptional customer service that has guests walking out the doors relaxed and blissful.

“I hope they leave feeling like they can’t wait to come back — satisfied, happy and rejuvenated.”

The Bodhi Spa is located at 654 Thames St in Newport. Hours of operation are 10am – 10pm daily except for Tuesdays.  You can reach them by phone at 401-619-4916 or by email at Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or their website,