Scrumptious Chow at Scurvy Dog: Rebel’s Rations takes pride in serving good food for great people

Dan Brown. (Photo courtesy of Dan Brown.)

Rebel’s Rations is the brainchild of chef Daniel Brown and best friend Alec Labine. It came about as a way to build community and provide kick-ass, late-night dining experiences. Brown’s extensive culinary background and passion for the arts, combined with Labine’s experience in IT and nonprofit leadership, paved the way for Rebel’s Rations to become a reality. In January, Brown and Labine set up a grill at Scurvy Dog in PVD and have gone on to provide a variety of comfort food and late-night snacks every Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 1 am.


“The desire to create something unique, meaningful, and from the heart, coupled with the opportunity presented by the supportive community at Scurvy Dog, led to the realization of Rebel’s Rations,” Brown says.

Brown’s love of cooking started when he was a child. He would prepare meals for his mother, sister, and friends. At 14, he took a dishwashing and meal-prep job at Coast Guard House and steadily moved up the ladder, eventually becoming a chef in well-respected restaurants in Rhode Island and Florida.

“I just loved creating tasty flavors and new takes on old traditions,” Brown says of his passion. “I personally love creating dishes and having people try them and getting instant feedback.”

Brown is a local musician (singer/guitarist for Brown Apples) and loyal Scurvy Dog customer. Labine is a bartender at Scurvy, so the two pitched Rebel’s Rations to bar owners Jamie Wolloff and Terry Linehan. They were on board with the idea, which set the wheels in motion.

“The support and collaboration between Rebel’s Rations and Scurvy Dog have been mutually beneficial, fostering a dynamic and engaging dining experience for our friends, family and guests,” Brown says of working with Scurvy Dog. “Owners Jamie and Terry have been super supportive and I appreciate them immensely.”

Rebel’s Rations had a soft opening in January. There was buzz from the get-go. Brown states opening night was their most memorable moment thus far. It was an incredibly busy night and the community embraced them with an overwhelming and encouraging reception. Brown and Labine hope the warmer months bring many similarly successful nights.

They decided to open during the winter to give them time to hash out any issues and grow steadily. They plan to expand their hours in the summer to include weekdays and earlier start times. They are also looking into catering and pop-up events, as well as getting a food truck so they may reach new locations and grow their clientele.

“The future is always full of change but we know for certain it will have new menu items, maybe a pizza oven, and who knows what else we can summon up,” Brown muses.

Rebel’s Rations options consist of burgers, grilled cheese, steak and chicken sandwiches, along with veggie and gluten-free options. They put their own spin on comfort food classics with fresh toppings and cleverly named sandwiches. Brown says their menu is dynamic and constantly evolving based on various factors.

“We take into account culinary trends, personal interests and customer feedback when making menu decisions,” Brown says of their process, which included test runs at other local locations, including The Parlour in Providence. “Customer feedback plays a significant role in shaping our menu, as we value the input and preferences of our patrons. It has led to adjustments and additions that have enhanced the overall dining experience and ensured that our offerings align with the tastes and expectations of our customers.”

Brown has been operating Rebel’s Rations while going through personal turmoil. Nico, his 14-year-old son, lost all of his possessions in a house fire back in February. Brown has been raising money through benefit shows and Venmo in hopes of helping his son rebuild his collection of Star Wars action figures, gaming systems, and clothes.

“I do all this work for him,” Brown says proudly. “He’s the only reason I live, basically. I hope to have him slinging burgers in the future.”

Brown is loving the start of this new endeavor. It has been a success thus far and he has plenty of exciting ideas and plans to grow Rebel’s Rations. He especially loves working with so many of his passions.
“My passion and artistic flair is evident in every dish at Rebel’s Rations, where I combine traditional flavors with innovative twists to create memorable dining experiences. I cook in a punk bar and I just love it.”

Rebel’s Rations operates at Scurvy Dog Bar on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 6pm. Donations to help Dan Brown’s son can be made on Venmo @Daniel-Brown-1351.

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