Welcome to the Bandwagon: You’ve heard of Pickleball. Now get to know the sport.

Pickleballers having a sporting good time. (Photo: Super Fun Activities Club)

Over the past few years, pickleball has become immensely popular. The paddle game was invented as a backyard game to occupy bored kids in 1965 and has grown ever since, gaining mainstream success and a celebrity-invested professional league that started in 2021. Though there is a different set of rules, it resembles tennis and ping pong. Matches can be played inside and outside, giving players the chance to compete all year round.

“Pickleball is a social game that can be played for fun or at a competitive level,” says pickleballer Bill Evans. “It’s easy for players to learn. So, friends who have experience playing racquet sports are able to play with less experienced friends. It is also great exercise.”

“What I like most about Pickleball is the speed,” adds Paul Genest. “It can be played at a fast pace, a slow pace, or a combination of both. Plus, a large group of people can play and all be competitive.”

Numerous organizations in RI have opened up to give people the opportunity to play. Spring leagues start in March. RI currently has 42 pickleball courts that are open to the public. Wakefield, North Kingstown, and Westerly have the most courts, but 20 additional cities across the state offer a place to play pickleball. is a good tool to find a court near you.

If you’re interested in learning how to play, here are a few larger pickleball organizations to have on your radar.

Providence Pickleball was formed in 2022 to provide opportunities for players to have high-quality matches. They started by building three pickleball courts at Roger Williams Park. They have grown to over 100 players participating monthly. The spring season starts March 1 and will offer daily activities.

Providence Pickleball is located at RW Park, 1000 Elmwood Ave, PVD. For more information, visit

Ocean State Pickleball makes sure that everyone practices the first rule of pickleball, which is to “have fun.” They have two indoor facilities (Wakefield and Narragansett) and offer outdoor leagues and lessons in South Kingstown. Memberships are offered but not required to reserve courts. They also offer lessons, leagues, pick-up games, tournaments, and youth programs.

Ocean State Pickleball is located at 360 S Pier Rd. Narragansett. For more information, visit

You know it’s a hip sport when Super Fun Activities Club adds it to their rotation. Registration is now open for the two pickleball leagues they offer: An Intro to Pickleball League that introduces people to the sport and gives people with limited experience a chance to learn and build a solid skill foundation; and a 3.5 Ladder League for more experienced players, also known as “King/Queen of the Court,” which includes six courts of nonstop pickleball play. Winners move up the court, losers move down.

For more information, call (401) 646-4FUN or email