Break Out Your Tin Foil Hat!

In this issue, we celebrate the many folks who contributed to fighting the virus, but this trivia is all about those who weren’t so helpful — conspiracy theorists. What are we even supposed to believe?!

Which tech billionaire created the coronavirus so he can use the vaccine to finally enact his master plan of inserting a microchip in every human being?

Bill Gates


The rollout of this new technology is the true culprit behind coronavirus symptoms. Name the technology.


Name the viral video sensation documentary, in which Judy Mikovits claimed the coronavirus was planned.


Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists refuse to take vaccines created with this new technology, fearing it will alter their DNA.

mRNA Technology

Although the former head of the CDC suggests it is possible the virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, many conspiracy theorists made the improper claim it was a bioweapon. What does the Wuhan Institute of Virology actually study?

Bat coronaviruses