Bubble, Bubble

If you’re washing your hands eleventy-million times a day, you’re doing it right. If you’re not using local soap, you could be doing it better. Check out our roundup of local soapmakers that will make your 37th trip to the sink feel like less of a chore.

Legend’s Creek Farm: Soap made with goat milk is naturally hydrating because of its high fat content. Good news for those of us dealing with sandpaper hands. Shop online at legendscreekfarm.com

Cathryn Violet Artisan Soap: These vegan soaps are made with natural ingredients and organic botanicals. Shop online at cathrynviolet.com

Stella Marie Soap Company: You’ll think these brightly colored and deliciously scented soaps look good enough to eat. But don’t. Shop online at stellamariesoap.com

The Reynolds Barn: These organically shaped goat milk soap bars come from happy goats who wear sweaters! Shop online at thereynoldsbarn.com

Plainville Homestead: Quartz crystals are embedded in these soaps to provide protection beyond cleanliness. Shop online at plainvillehomestead.com