Your Weekend in the Stars: January – Getting Back to Business

untitled (2)Wednesday, Moon in Sagittarius brings restlessness and an urge to escape the everyday routine. Moon’s connection with Neptune and Venus throughout the day and evening does not help. Neptune loves the escape from reality. Moon and Venus in Sagittarius encourages love and adventure, so getting back into the workaday routine will require some effort.

The Sun in square to Uranus at sunrise on Thursday kicks off a day of surprises, interruptions and shake-ups. There’s trouble maintaining the status quo with this energy. Change and the reversal of trends dominate the day. As midnight approaches, Jupiter turns retrograde. When a planet stops or appears to stop and change direction it is called a station. A station emphasizes the energy of that planet. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, your waistline as well as you mind. Under a Jupiter transit your consciousness is raised. We become aware of a much wider world. Jupiter has to do with law, the legal system and the constructs in place that keeps society together and chaos at bay.

On Friday morning at 10:07am EST, Moon enters Capricorn and folks settle down and tackle the business of life. This is the dark time of the Moon; in Capricorn the time is ripe for clearing out and getting organized. Capricorn Moon loves the practical stuff. This Friday is a good time to finish things up.

Moon in Capricorn does not make for a dull weekend. Capricorn loves a joke as well. Friday evening when Venus hooks up with Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, some romances go to the next level — a commitment perhaps. Romances begun under this aspect are usually slow to start, but generally have longevity. Waning Moon says don’t act yet — scout the territory and file it away until after the New Moon.

You won’t have long to wait; the New Moon in Capricorn occurs on Saturday evening at 8:30pm. Earthy Capricorn New Moon deals with the facts of life. New Moon is the time to plant the seed for what it is you want to grow in your life. Capricorn Moon grounds you and is a great energy to use for manifestation. Set things in motion between the time of the New Moon and Sunday until 12:39pm EST when Moon goes Void of Course. The Void of Course Moon period occurs when the Moon makes its last aspect or connection to another planet before it leaves the sign that it is in and enters the next sign. This period can last for minutes or for a day or so. Judgement can be faulty while Moon is Void of Course. A good time to simply go with the flow.

Here the Moon enters Aquarius on Sunday afternoon at 3:23pm.

Moon in Aquarius favors new and innovative ideas. Celebrate your uniqueness under this Moon. Folks are friendly but impersonal under this Moon. No need to fear being smothered as people feel the need for freedom and are very much inclined to give that same freedom to others. This is a favorable time to form a group or club of like-minded people. Future and forward looking thinking provide innovative and clever ideas.

Moon enters Pisces on Tuesday night at 6:53pm EST. This is the dreamer’s Moon. Sensitivity and psychic impressions are enhanced now. This Moon can engender a feeling of vulnerability. We’re aware of the intangible now. We sense energies and receive messages from works of art, music or the sunset.

Shortly after, Venus in Sagittarius snuggles up to Uranus in Aries. This signals romance with unusual people, folks not your usual type or from an unexpected source. Romance begun now burns hot and fast, but may not last. These two planets in the signs they are in at the moment are looking for fun, adventure and excitement. If you’re up for it, go along for the ride. On an artistic level this energy can bring an awakening, an idea or a flash of brilliance. Lock it down before you lose it.