Do Si Do: Artist Christine Cho explores internal conflict in her work

Christine Cho is interested in “the power of the collective (people and images) and performativity’s relation to personal and historical narratives.” There is no doubt that Christine’s work is in conversation with what it means to be visible — the two characters in “Do Si Do” confront the viewer with direct eye contact, and one […]

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Real Help for Real Artists: MassMoCA workshops help artists thrive

The toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on our economy has been as debilitating as the disease itself, and some of the hardest hit were those who worked in creative fields. As the shut downs began, performance artists watched bookings disappear, teaching artists saw workshops and residencies cancelled, galleries were forced to close their […]

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Sculpture on the Lawn: Bristol Art Museum features a walking tour of art

Bristol Art Museum recently unveiled an outdoor exhibit featuring works by artists Michael Cochran, Mike Hansel, Rob Lorenson, Paul Menensis, Matt Noiseux, Derek Riley and Mark Wholey. These works appear along Hope Street in Bristol on the lawns of Colt School, Linden Place and the Bradford-Dimond-Norris House. Guest curator Rob Lorenson, who organized the exhibit, […]

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Scandalous Conduct: An exploration of an entrapment scandal in Newport

“The Newport Navy Scandal is something we stumbled on a couple years ago very randomly,” says Matthew Lawrence. He and his partner Jason Tranchida are creating an art project, Scandalous Conduct/Newport 1919, around this remarkable episode in Rhode Island history, which encompassed, as their website declares: “An Episcopal minister. 41 navalrecruits. A zealous newspaper editor. […]

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Writing on the Wall: New East Providence mural celebrates nurses

A new piece of art recently appeared on a wall in East Providence, on the side of the mixed-use industrial building at 89 Valley Street. Muralist Sam White, along with his assistant Julia Gazzara, completed the mural, titled “Love for Nurses,” on Tuesday, May 19. The piece, which was commissioned by the Valley Street building’s […]

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The Skye Is the Limit: Skye Gallery adjusts to life under lockdown

When I visited Skye Gallery on March 7, it was packed – people spilling out onto the sidewalk, voices bubbling and music throbbing inside the brightly lit reception for DIVINE 2020. On April 29, Jonny and I faced each other across a white table in the back room, masks in place while keeping a careful […]

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A Moment with an Artist: Skye Gallery presents a unique opportunity with Nepalese artist Ragini Upadhyay Grela

The work of Ragini Upadhyay Grela, a Nepalese artist and a printmaker, is currently showing at Skye Gallery in Providence. Grela’s work revolves around religious tolerance and women’s space in Nepali society and depict the need for peace, love and compassion. Her work is deeply emotional, shown by her use of bold and aggressive lines […]

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The Preservation and Education of Art: Justin Bibee on building and sharing art collections

Justin D. Bibee is currently a PhD student at Durban University of Technology in peacebuilding and is a human rights advocate. A Cranston native, Bibee was nominated for the Peace Corps book award. Bibee spent time in the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Morocco for two years and has since explored many different regions. […]

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