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United We Bargain, Divided We Beg: Zach Horn’s latest exhibit is inspired by union ideals

The Unions have been a part of Zach Horn’s life since childhood – his father was the president of the Cheltenham Educators’ Association, and his grandmother Bernice helped organize the Philadelphia public school teachers back in the early ’60s, joining a picket line and even spending a night in jail. “She taught me to see […]

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The People’s Pen: Print Like You Give A Damn Press proves protest posters’ power

As we enter the final stretch of pre-election frenzy, we are truly in a fight for the soul of this nation. With their current show, “State of Urgency” at Brown University’s Cohen Gallery, the Print Like You Give A Damn Press Collective has charged the front lines, armed with the power of words.  The Collective […]

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Beauty and the Grotesque: Soyoon Cha explores the dark side of human nature

Soyoon Cha’s art is a study in contradiction. Her photographs of models in the forest wearing diaphanous gowns seems something from a fairy tale. But some of her sculptures, installations and video projects feel fueled by nightmare. “With my artwork, I’ve always fixed on the shadow of the self through Jungian theory about how you […]

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