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Reminiscences on Winning a Pub in Ireland: A conversation with Trevor O’Driscoll

While we greet St. Patrick’s Day in Rhode Island this year with parades cancelled, restaurants and pubs closed, and gatherings discouraged on account of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re looking back to the time a Providence resident won a pub in Ireland. In 1997, Trevor O’Driscoll graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in history. […]

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Love Is in the Eye of the Beer-Holder: You’re definitely going to a brewery on Valentine’s Day. But which one?

Providence went from being lovingly nicknamed New England’s armpit to ranking a solid #8 on’s “Most Romantic Cities in the US” in 2019. Apparently, the smoke stacks at Providence Power Station aren’t the only thing steaming up our city. The cultural oasis presents the perfect environment for love to bloom. Whether you are looking […]

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Hit the Bricks: Former liquor store owner opens the first “intellectual bar in Cranston”

After 12 years of running Darwin Liquors on Benefit Street, George Darwin couldn’t predict another venture was waiting for him as he locked up his shop for the very last time.  “[I] sold the store in 2018. Got bored — simple as that! You have to pay bills. You have to make money. You have to […]

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Three Cheers for Trinity!: The PVD staple turns 25

On the brink of new legislature regarding brewing regulations, Trinity Brewhouse emerged in late 1994 as one of New England’s first ever brew pubs, serving fresh beer and food to hungry theater guests and entertainment seekers. Adjacent to Trinity Rep, Joshua Miller — the son of two of the iconic theater’s devout employees and current […]

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Bubbles!: A handy guide to becoming a toast master

Sparkling wine can be separated into two categories: Champagne and everything else. Champagne only comes from Champagne, France, located about 2 hours east by car from Paris. The wine can contain chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. The region boasts centuries of wine-making, but sparkling Champagne’s popularity only began in the mid 19th century.  Many wine […]

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Got Beer? The Most Wonderful Time of the Beer: Crafts + craft beer = happy holiday shopping

Narragansett Beer’s Made on Honor Market is appropriately named after their award-winning Made on Honor video series; a web series dedicated to sharing the stories of craftsmen and craftswomen based in and around Rhode Island. With impressive Rhode Island roots spanning over an entire century, Narragansett Beer empathizes with the growing community of creators and […]

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