Book Review: Christine Jenkins’ Fake Smiles and Lasagna

In Fake Smiles and Lasagna, author Christine Jenkins, a math teacher at Moses Brown School, describes mentoring sibling refugees from Rwanda and helping them get accustomed to the United States. This is Jenkins’ coming-of-age story — a middle-aged high school teacher who embarks on an incredible three-year journey. The idea to become a refugee mentor […]

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Book Review: Ned Handy and Kemp Battle’s The Flame Keepers — The True Story of an American Soldier’s Survival Inside Stalag 17

I think that everyone has an important story to tell. Some may be better told than others, but all would be intriguing from an outside perspective. Ned Handy’s story is part of probably one of the most defining moments of world history: World War II. A flight engineer in the Air Force, Handy takes readers on a fantastic […]

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Book Review: Brown: History of an Idea by Ted Widmer

Providence native, noted historian and librarian, and the author of Young America: the Flowering of Democracy in New York City (1998), Ark of the Liberties: America and the World (2008) and Martin Van Buren (2005), Ted Widmer, has produced a thoroughly entertaining history of Brown University that is well-written, impeccably researched and benefits from copious footnotes. (Disclosure: Ted Widmer and Rudy […]

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