Book Review: Brown: History of an Idea by Ted Widmer

Providence native, noted historian and librarian, and the author of Young America: the Flowering of Democracy in New York City (1998), Ark of the Liberties: America and the World (2008) and Martin Van Buren (2005), Ted Widmer, has produced a thoroughly entertaining history of Brown University that is well-written, impeccably researched and benefits from copious footnotes. (Disclosure: Ted Widmer and Rudy […]

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Faces in the Flames

The discernible omission of publication pertaining to WaterFire circulated infamously throughout northeast editorial circles. It became frequent water cooler chinwag that while the metropolitan publication of record, The Providence Journal, related Barnaby Evans’ art installation at regular intervals, other intervening agencies proved abortive in their attempts. The absent narratives were not the repercussions of New […]

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40 Years Later: Necronomicon Press Still Haunts RI

For four days this year, H.P. Lovecraft’s life, literature and 125th birthday will be celebrated at NecronomiCon; however, Lovecraftian groups and shops can be found year-round, from the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council in the downtown Arcade to various walking tours held in the evenings. One that stands out is a small local publishing company […]

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