Pin-up: Milla LowLife, Rhode Island Riveters and Sakonnet River Roller Rats

  What do you never leave home without?  Burts Bees and a sense of adventure! What’s your biggest pet peeve?  People who complain and don’t act. Whining fixes nothing. What’s your favorite book? Catcher in the Rye. Still. What’s your favorite movie?  Anything by Wes Anderson What’s your favorite TV show? “Orphan Black.” Completely obsessed Are you excited for fall […]

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Pin-up: Varla Gunz

What do you never leave home without? In addition to my over-packed purse, my ‘Chug Life’ water bottle. Got to stay hydrated!!  What’s your biggest pet peeve? People who talk obnoxiously loud for no reason. I don’t want to know your business! What’s your favorite book? Watership Down What’s your favorite movie? Some all time […]

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Pin-up: Savannah Harik

Do you have a nickname? Savvy or Sav (my mom calls me Vanna) What’s your favorite book? The Wall, a collection of short stories by Jean-Paul Sartre What’s your favorite movie? Almost Famous What’s your biggest pet peeve? The 6/10 connector in Providence What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Dirty Garden Mint from Three Sisters What’s your favorite thing […]

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