Pin-Up Of The Month: Niki Luparelli

What’s your occupation? Chanteuse, show producer, vaudevillian and adequately fed artist What do you never leave home without? Knowing where the bathrooms are at my destination. I’m a frequent flyer. What’s your biggest pet peeve? People who are cruel or neglectful to animals. What’s your favorite holiday movie? Christmas Vacation! In fact, I once sent my […]

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July Pin-Up of the Month: The Phury #7

The Phury #7 What’s your day job? Bartender, pet sitter, assassin, professional organizer What’s your dream job? Rodeo trick rider What do you never leave home with out? Underwear What’s your favorite romantic movie? Wedding Crashers What’s your favorite RI summertime spot? A cold bathtub with a margarita Have you ever done anything embarrassing at a […]

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Pin Up of the Month: Alison Blackwell aka Rhoda Perdition

Occupation: Freelance illustrator/designer Favorite Book: I don’t have a favorite book, but Jeff Loeb & Tim Sale’s Batman in the ’90s was pretty formative. Favorite Movie: It’s a tie between Sense & Sensibility and 300. Biggest Pet Peeve: Tough guys on the internet What do you never leave home without? Somewhere to go What’s your dream job? I […]

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