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April Showers Us: Memorials and shows to cheer you

“If there is a Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven, You Know They’ve Got One Hell of a Band” 

The local music scene has been battered this year with the passing of local musicians Mike Schiavone, Pete McClanahan, and Nick Iddon. I didn’t know Mike but his passing was a jarring blow to the music community coming just hours after he played a Nirvana tribute night. I had met Pete a few times but never really knew him. What struck me about Pete was the sheer power and passion he had as both a songwriter and performer. Pete was a punk rock superhero on stage with the way he attacked his bass. He blasted through songs like a locomotive steamrolling through a starfield night. I was lucky enough to catch Pete many times with his band The Worried. Some of Pete’s other bands over the years included The Buzzards, 32-20’s, and The Yuhboys. Mike and Pete will live on forever in the music and memories they created and all the hearts they touched. 


Then there is Nick… whose passing I’m still processing. Nick Iddon had a personality that could light up the darkest mine. He was so warm. He made everyone feel like family, even if you just met him. Sure, Nick was one hell of a drummer. He could play anything. Hard rock with Donnybrook and Kanerko, smooth grooves with Viking Jesus, conjuring the ghost of Gram Parsons with The Quahogs, or just rocking the hell out with Ravi Shavi – Nick poured his soul into every performance, looking like the happiest person in the room the whole time. He probably was. When he told me several months ago about his illness, which would ultimately take him, he said it so calmly and confidently – like it was no big deal, “I got this.” Every time our paths crossed after, he was so energetic and vivacious that I forgot he had cancer. That was just Nick. I’m sending love and light to all Nick’s family and friends. When times get tough, just close your eyes and picture Nick banging out the beat, hair blowing like he’s in a hurricane with that big smile beaming like a sunrise. 

David Tessier’s All-Star Stars – “Tough Face Girl” single release

The new single, “Tough Face Girl,” from David Tesssier’s All-Star Stars is a burst of ’60s power pop that reminds me of Tommy-era The Who meets The Monkees at the sock hop. Tessier said: “Tough Face Girl was a power pop song which I had written to be part of a short Rock Opera based on the Native American Folk Story ‘The Rough-Face Girl’.” “The song’s chorus was stuck in my head for years, so I decided to rearrange the music and rewrite the lyrics. “It’s about that certain someone you can’t help but love, even if they are, shall we say, a bit curmudgeonly, because you can still see the sweetness deep beneath the exterior.” The single will be available online at BandCamp and through 75OrLess Records on April 1. 

David Tessier’s All-Stars Stars, Haunting Titans, and Death Pesos will rock The Parlour in PVD on April 9. 


Fozzy might be best known as wrestling legend’s Chris Jericho’s heavy metal band. That said, they have been making records and touring the world for over twenty years. I can’t deny the infectiousness of some of their tunes, notably “Judas.” I can’t remember the last time Fozzy was in town so this is a rare chance to catch a legend, in Jericho, doing something he’s not a legend at, while hearing some kick ass hard rock! 

Fozzy, GFM, KrashKarma, and The Nocturnal Affair will rock Fete in PVD on April 10. 


During my teenage punk rock alienation years, bands like 7Seconds gave me hope with their songs of unity. 7Seconds were different from most of ’80s punk and hardcore of the day in that the vocals were actually sung and the songs generally had positive messages. Plus they did a killer cover of Nena’s “99 Red Balloons!” 

7Seconds, Negative Approach, Catalyst, Bullet Proof Backpack bring the old school punk rock vibes to Alchemy on April 13. 

The Schizophonics

I caught The Schizophonics a few months before the pandemic and they blew my mind! They were a mess of high octane psych-garage with power pop hooks throwing down like space invaders from another dimension. Fitteningly, they were touring behind an album called People In The Sky which sounds like The Sonics jamming with the MC5. This show is going to be a testamentment to the evil powers of rock ‘n’ roll! 

The Schizophonics, Artist Jackie and The Wizard, Salem Wolves will rock Askew in PVD on April 15. 

Digital – Dreams Of Leaving EP Release

When all Civility is lost, there is only one option: Digital. Civility was a local post-punk band that recently underwent a lineup change and decided to write all new songs and be born again as DIgital. It is a cool name because it flies in the face of the current vinyl revival and you’ll probably never find the band if you try to Google them. As for the tunes, “Spectres” reminds me of the Sisters of Mercy meets Head On The Door-era Cure. I guess Echo & The Bunnymen could be added as a reference point for “With You” along with the above. In other words despite the rebranding, Digital still embodies the ’80s post-punk. This show will be bananas! 

Digital will celebrate the release of Dreams Of Leaving with Trigger Discipline, Pilgrims of Yearning, and Video Shoppe at Dusk in PVD on April 16. 

Askew 4th Anniversary Party with The Silks with The Low Cards 

Askew is a melting pot of a venue featuring exciting music of all genres, comedy shows, and great vibes. For their anniversary, the blues will reign supreme! The Silks will bring it with big-time early ’70s style rocking riffs and booty shaking groove. The Low Cards will rip it up and throw it down with some high-voltage shredding. 

The Silks and The Low Cards will celebrate Askew’s 4th Anniversary on April 23. 

Bonus Bangers!

  • The Soul Rebels rock the Narrows Center of the Arts in Fall River on April 7.
  • Julie Rhodes & The Electric Co. with Ali McGuirk and Mary-Elaine Jenkins bring the soulful grooves to Askew on April 16.
  • Melissa Etheridge will be at Bally’s Event Center at Bally’s Twin River Lincoln on April 22. 
  • Clutch, The Sword, Nate Bergman will rock The Strand in Providence on April 30.
  • The Zombies bring their legendary sound to the Narrows Center of the Arts on May 1.

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