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Cosmic Capsule – Buddy Cianci – Run Buddy Run

Lunar Notes for Providence Candidate Buddy Cianci


buddyLove him or hate him, you have to admit that Buddy Cianci is a remarkable man. Two time mayor of Providence, forced to resign each time as a convicted felon, he has announced his decision to run for that office again. A look at his horoscope reveals his uniqueness as well as his astonishing chutzpah.

He is a Taurus and along with the Sun in Taurus, he has Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus as well. Six planets in one sign is unusual. Even more unusual is the Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn conjunction. What this means is that the energy of these planets are fused together, creating a powerhouse of energy. Back in his mayoral days, he would go from morn until night, doing the mayor thing as well as making appearances at civic and social functions, the joke being that Buddy would go to the opening of an envelope. All this Taurus makes him fixed and resolute. Tauruses are earthy and sensual, loving their creature comforts. They are also loyal and capable of hanging in when all others throw in the towel. At each felony conviction his resignation came at the very last minute. He wasn’t giving up until he absolutely had to.

His Mars in Aquarius is perfect for the hand-shaking and schmoozing that a politician has to endure. With this placement, it is not endurance, but fun and natural to him. With his Moon in airy Gemini he needs to communicate, talk and exchange information. Radio is the perfect place for him.

He announced his intention to run for mayor again on June 25, 2014, at 3:32pm. Astrologers erect a horoscope using these announcement times to gauge the success or failure of the outcome. The transiting planets at the moment of his announcement have some significant connections to his natal planets.

The strongest planet in his natal chart is Venus in Taurus. Venus has the most dignity, meaning she operates at full power. Venus attracts, is sensual, and rules love and money. At the time of the announcement Pluto traveling through Capricorn was in very close alignment with his Venus in Taurus. Pluto in the picture provides impetus for a push for power. It also indicates some powerful backing with lots of money.
Saturn in Scorpio opposes his collection of Taurus planets. Saturn has been in Scorpio for the past couple of years and is indicative of hard time as well as hard work. He’s been through a couple of tough years due to health issues and a campaign is not a walk in the park.

Retrograde Mercury in Gemini sits upon his Gemini Moon. Mercury retrograde is not the ideal time to launch a new enterprise because the information is not all there. Once Mercury goes direct the missing pieces surface, changing the situation. Mercury retrograde on his Moon also clouds his true intention. Does he want to be the mayor again or does he simply want to stir things up?

His announcement also comes at a time when the Moon is on the wane. Traditionally if you want something to grow you initiate when the Moon is in the waxing phase. In these charts the Moon rules the pubic and public opinion.  In Gemini the indication is of an indecisive public which could work to his advantage.

The Gemini influence, Mercury retrograde and Moon in Gemini both close to his natal Moon in Gemini imply a change in plans.

It is early days yet, the field is filled with candidates and this is being written under that pesky Mercury retrograde. Will he win or will he fold? Buddy Cianci may be a lot of things but he is not a quitter but with all that Taurus energy he is a practical, pragmatic man. The situation is going to change. Under those changing circumstances Buddy Cianci will pull a classic Buddy move with a lot of splash, flash and media coverage. What that move will be is anybody’s guess.