Cinderella: Unauthorized

The cross-dressing prince knocked on the cottage door

intent on finding the other foot of the splendid slipper

it felt so good on his foot

and showed off his pedicure ever so nicely

he just had to have them both even if he had to beg for them

She opened the door

he fell to his knees grabbed her hand and kissed it

“pardon me my lady but will you please—“

“Why of course I will!” she squealed

She ran to her bedroom to retrieve the other slipper

and the rest of few belongings

the prince winked at his footmen

“that was easy enough”

he could imagine his footsies

nice and snug inside the scrumptious slippers

he thought perhaps

he would give the peasant girl

a few pieces of gold for her trouble

“Goodbye you old hags! I’m moving out!”

She shouted as she came toward him “I’m gonna marry me a prince!”

The Prince’s face fell

The footmen snickered

vainly he tried to squeak an appeal “B-but”

“No buts about it buster!” she snapped.

“…and give me my other shoe.

You’re getting fingerprints all over it!”

(and they lived happily ever after, after all?)